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The Giants of China

Some cool old photos of massive humans from China. Shortly after each picture, the beasts were executed for being too tall.

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7 Essential Podcasts I Think You'll Love

I’m a big fan of podcasts. They are chock-full of interesting backstories on headlines and those behind the headlines. They provide a brief but deep look at topics I wouldn’t take the time to read about. 600 more words

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Magic Monday - In tribal Tal, ground grasp at you

Clutch of the Soil

A signature spell of the adepts of the Tal, in the dry north. The caster shapes a hand (and part of an arm) out of the ground and causes it to move as if it were an extension of their own body. 165 more words


Just cause you feel it...

Doesn’t mean it’s there.

I’ve spoken before about filter bubbles, but that concept is really just scratching the surface.  All of humanity is living under one giant filter bubble.  278 more words


Sino na ngayon ang mas plastic at mas sinungaling, huh?