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El Mago de Riga: Mikhail Tahl (II)

Para muchos fue una sorpresa cuando en 1957, Tahl consiguió ganar el durísimo Campeonato de la Unión Soviética. Ese mismo año ganó el Interzonal de Portoroz. 105 more words


El Pirata de Riga: Mikhail Tahl (I)

Para la mayoría de aficionados Tahl ha sido el mejor jugador de ataque de todos los tiempos.

Misha buscaba en sus partidas tremendas complicaciones, de las cuales, solo uno de los jugadores saliera vivo. 130 more words


Does Ira Glass Hate Mike Daisey?

This week, I listened to the Retraction episode of This American Life. I found the characters involved in the podcast to be more interesting than the topic they were discussing, and my blog post will focus on this aspect of the podcast. 367 more words


This American Life- not what you think

Look folks, This American Life is not easy to pin down either.  Ira Glass held himself up as the mantle of journalism, but the show is famous exactly for its lyrical, narrative, unusual approach to story-telling. 51 more words

Prompt 3- Deeper Into ITruth

TAL Group

Rundown of the visiting

  1. Video sharing

During the video, the history of TAL Group has been introduced. We can find out when , where, and how the TAL Group being set up. 1,689 more words


Discovering Podcasts - Gladly Jumping in With Both Ears

If you have been wondering where I have been lately, don’t worry, I am still here.

However, I haven’t been gaming, and I haven’t been listening to music or watching movies. 797 more words

Retro Fandango

How do you make people care?

After listening to the TAL podcast that retracted “Mr. Daisey and Apple” the one line that stuck with me was when Mike Daisey said, “I wanted to make a monologue that would make people care.” Well, Mike Daisey certainly made people care. 355 more words