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‘The secular’ should not be thought of as the space in which real human life gradually emancipates itself from the controlling power of ‘religion’ and thus achieves the latter’s relocation. 62 more words

Talal Asad

Talal Asad : Agama vis a vis Modernitas

Belum banyak ilmuwan muslim kontemporer yang secara berani menentang pemikiran dan konsepsi-konsepsi umum seputar agama yang dikonstruksi oleh ilmuwan barat. Talal Asad hadir sebagai salah satunya. 824 more words

Agama Vs Moderanitas

Weaponized Relativism

Thinking critically about thinking about religion is fraught with misdirections. I’ve been reflecting on a post that Steven wrote last week highlighting the way that individuals are able to combine a ‘default cultural relativism’ with a ‘high level of dogmatism.’ He does an excellent job of outlining how a student has combined contradictory arguments: 476 more words


A Critical Look: Talal Asad's Anthropological Genealogy

Talal Asad is perhaps mostly known for his work on secularism within a genealogical form of analysis. While his works are indeed interesting, I intend to argue that his adoption of the genealogical method and his general unwillingness to examine religion critically results in three major problems: relativism, recuperation, and subsequent fundamentalist decisionism. 4,565 more words

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