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Merchandise Monday #31

Hello my 90’s kids! I have some Tale Spin action figures for you!

Ladies and gents; these toys were made in 1991; that was the year i was born! 92 more words


On Rebelling: Part II - Insurrection

I mentioned previously that the worst thing about military functions is the pain of putting together a uniform.

I lied.

Have you ever eaten at an Air Force Club? 735 more words

How Audiences Interpret or Interact with Psychological Decisions and Thought Processes through Digital Literature.

‘Electronic Literature, generally considered to exclude print literature that has been digitised, is by contrast ‘digital born’, a first-generation digital object created on a computer and (usually) meant to be read on a computer’ (Hayles, 2007). 1,678 more words


Reasons Why I'm Still Single #393

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

Guys still get turned on when you own all the seasons of Tale Spin, right?
No? That was just a kindergarden thing?


90's AfterSchool Flashback

(Insert Deep Sigh Here) Remember back in the day, before home computers and hi-tech video games… sitting around the TV after school… munchin down on Chili-Cheese Fritos… and soaking in a healthy amount of 90’s cartoons???¬† 80 more words

Watch It, Or Not... Whatever

Interesting facts about TV shows you watched as a child.

Recently, when searching for a theme song to put on my friend’s blog, I came across some interesting videos. 30 minutes of 80’s cartoon openings… 979 more words

My Beef with Cartoons

I’m not all up in arms about it or anything but there are just some serious problems that have plagued the cartoon industry since day one. 758 more words

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