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CareerBuilder’s New Talent Crunch Study Explores the Impact of the Skills Gap and Vacancies on Revenue and Turnover

Reposted from:CareerBuilder’s New Talent Crunch Study Explores the Impact of Skills Gap and Vacancies on Revenue and Turnover

Chicago, June 27, 2012 – As companies navigate around the widening skills gap in the U.S., prolonged job vacancies are taking a toll on employee morale and the bottom line. 506 more words

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Education woes in Malaysia, etc, act now to address the weaknesses!


Policies have been formulated to improve and facilitate teaching and learning at all levels, yet there are weaknesses in the system that need to be urgently addressed. 1,661 more words


Is Banking Sector going to face talent crunch very soon?

In India, since quite a while now there is buzz in the banking industry about possible new licenses that is likely to be give out. Though it may still take good few months before things start rolling out…but it has certainly created a buzz. 206 more words

2014 - Beginning Of A New Year

10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You

Have you ever noticed leaders spend a lot of time talking about talent, only to make the same mistakes over and over again? Few things in business are as costly and disruptive as unexpected talent departures. 858 more words

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What Light Through Yonder Recession Breaks: English Majors Can Get Tech Jobs Too!

Rejoice, gentle readers! Paying off your student loans doesn’t have mean switching from James Joyce to Javascript–at least according to an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal… 561 more words

DeveloperAuction Helps Programmers Sell Themselves to the Highest Bidder

If you need more evidence to prove that developers are the 1 percent when it comes to chronic unemployment, take a gander at a recently-launched platform called… 238 more words


To Beat Goldman and Google on Campus Recruiting, Startups Like Square Sponsor 25-School Hacker Tour

Talk to a startup recruiter about hiring young developers, and he’ll eventually admit it’s hard to compete in the campus cattle call, with Goldman and Google sucking up all the air. 544 more words