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The Lonely Path

I accepted Jesus as my Savior as a young girl.  Attended church since a baby, and went to a Christian school K-12th.   However, during my twenties right up till about two years ago, I strayed.  166 more words


Estelle (Short Story)


George McCarthur was an esteemed Physics professor at Harvard University. His primary research interests were in atomic and subatomic matter. It had always been McCarthur’s ambition to discover a way to travel through time. 3,086 more words

Rockstar Tip #3

Simple short & sweet sticks.

Special thanks to my good friend and longtime member of the Rebel Gossip Bin for spurring this week’s tip!

Talent or Experience: Where do you place your bet?

Hiring the right people, mapping them to the their roles and rewarding right. At many such moments, we find ourselves at crossroads where we need to make a choice: between talent and experience! 353 more words

Do you need funding for your startup?

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Startups, start your funding journey and apply for the TOP100 programme NOW! 53 more words


Plan next 2 weeks before New Year

We make long goals, heavy targets, and imagine what would be like in coming 2 years, coming 5 years. But who knows, what will happen in these years? 379 more words

What is education?



Door to new innovation.


Source of information.


Gives me motivation,

Together with determination,

Making my life mission,

Possible without contamination.

Education, 48 more words