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Lessons for hiring, growing and sustaining in the digital age - Netflix CEO on freedom and responsibility in the workplace

So many lessons in here for any business particularly one looking to grow or transform in a digital age.

Preventing chaos, bureaucracy and allowing employees to take responsibility and act in the company’s best interests.

Joseph the Dreamer

A fascinating topic to me is dreams.  My dreams are usually vivid and it isn’t unusual for me to remember them the next morning; irregardless of whether I want a rerun of them or not.   910 more words

Serve Him!(Exodus 31:1-11)

You have to take care of your responsibilities as a servant of God,as a citizen of a country and as a head of family.

Renegading your responsibility will be at your own detriment, as when we are motivated we are inspired to serve better. 256 more words


Pattern Grading Weekend

Manual grading weekend working on fabulous fits from size xs – plus 2

Peeping a few new items specifically for Victoria Fashion Week

❤️ Nikki



“We were pretty impressed by that audition tape you sent in. Such a lotta talent…” the experienced director praised, as the couple were led into Ms. 511 more words

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One Day Closer to Filming!

QUIET ON THE SET!  We worked hard today with script readings and planning the upcoming film day for Honest Abe Production Group’s film, “The Distant Thunder”. 99 more words


Motion Typography: Inspirational Speech | Rocky Balboa

Motion Typography: Rocky Balboa Inspirational Speech

We all fall down, and sometimes, it’s not so much that it’s hard to get up; we are intimated, we feel defeated, and we are and afraid. 215 more words