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Loyle Carner

After mentioning him in the previous piece on Kiko Bun, it would be pretty criminal not to touch on Loyle Carner. Described by NME as London’s rising Hip-Hop prodigy, his slick multisyllabic rhymes are so constant and effortless it’s hard to stop listening. 148 more words



In my previous life, I’m convinced I was a rapper. I love all genres of music (even country) but Hip Hop is my first love. When I hear a 90’s rap song, (Tupac, Lil Kim, Biggie etc.) I morph into a lyrical beast. 714 more words


Showpitch 101: Let's Talk About Building Showpitch

Let me start by saying that I am aware it’s been a very long time since I posted to this blog. Honestly, the topic today, and the related topics to follow have a lot to do with that! 562 more words


So, back in March, or something like that, I was hanging out with this guy, Jared, whom I went to school with.

He’s super laid back about everything. 435 more words


Life in Japan: J-pop

Every country has its own brand of music.  Japan has several of its own, including enka, Visual Kei, and of course, Japanese pop (or J-pop). This week’s question comes from Joanne Corey. 371 more words



Like caravans of endless play
Drifting clouds just seem that way.
Like vagabonds of yesterday
They shape my dreams and moods today.
I want the haunting shapes to stay. 38 more words