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What do I really want?

We often feel making the wrong decision.

Just because we want to please others.

Without finding out what exactly we really want

Meanwhile time keeps ticking… 50 more words


Aptitude and Its Expression

From the poetry collection published in summer 2015, Catch Up With Summer.

Aptitude and Its Expression

People don’t have to go to school to learn…

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Greatest Weapons for Success.

Many do not push themselves in their lives because they do not believe in their own capabilities. The idea of a big, challenging goal frightens the hell out of them. 304 more words

Think Human: Experience Humanity.

Today, I witnessed humanity, Yes When My Car Broke Down With No Diesel in the morning in between a old tyre market when the market was closed, 466 more words

Vinyl inspiration 


I recently discovered Jimmie Rodgers at a record/bookstore. After aquiring a record player I heard his voice for the first time. His hauntingly, beautiful- fragile and strong- delicate yodels. 80 more words


Life essentials: character > talent

This is the lesson that most of us know, but don’t like to be reminded of. This is the concept that sets apart the worship one-hit-wonders from the legends and forerunners. 216 more words

7 Steps to Building and Sustaining High Performing Teams

“Can you walk us through how you would create and sustain a high-performance team?” The question caught me off-guard. I was interviewing for a middle-management role at a pharmaceutical manufacturing site. 1,651 more words