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Yesterday, I was in a club meeting when they asked, “Who here is artistically inclined or likes to draw….” (we were looking for a design for a new structure that was being built). 259 more words

I am bored of my job.

I am in the stage of my life that I got bored of my job. It seems that my brain won’t work anymore of doing the same routine. 337 more words

Are you chasing the opportunities!

We can all sit around waiting for opportunities to come our way.

We think that we are so special that everyone will be looking for our talent. 51 more words

Google Voice Over Gig!

I booked an awesome Voice Over gig for Google Education for World Teachers Day! Check it out here (can you hear my little Aussie self? I’m on the lines ‘it takes someone who can tell good stories’ & ‘it takes more than tools to make a classroom special’) #ItTakesATeacher

Stick to What You Know / Redesign, Redefine, Relaunch


I kind of wish my website was a room. I’d live in it. It’s so clean, and fresh, and new. Go ahead…poke around… Several months ago I dug out some graph paper and began scribbling different ideas for a logo. 411 more words



Singer, songwriter and composer Tamara Violet Partridge opens up about loss, recovery and her transition from classical to electronica under the new project name LACUNA. … 1,000 more words


Who is my ideal reader ??

This blog is about who is my ideal reader in my view ?  Which type of audience is my target to influence ? Well, I want to influence those who are struggling everyday in achieving their goals and are stuck up by the common problems , now to get rid of these problems they are searching the web to find their answer. 113 more words