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This Tyke On Drums Is As Talented As He Is Cute

Congratulations are in order for 1-year-old drummer extraordinaire LJ Wilson. He’s managed to restore the term “baby genius” back to its rightful level of glory and make those of us that stunk at the soprano recorder in elementary school feel even more like a dork. 198 more words


In case you weren't feeling untalented enough already...

Yes, this five year old Brazilian girl can kick your butt on a drum set. Around 2:38 she looks up and grins at the camera. SHE IS FIVE:


Brandon Abraham, 13, on track to become next Lewis Hamilton

PROUD FATHER Paul Abraham believes his teenage son has all the tools to become the next Lewis Hamilton.

Inspired by the success of the British Formual One champion, Brandon Abraham, 13, is currently experiencing his first full outdoor karting season and the north Londoner is taking the circuit by storm. 865 more words


Mickey Mouse Club Music

Today’s essay was inspired by Annette Funicello’s Facebook page.  I was marveling at how a teen idol and Disney child star could have such a large following and leave such large footprints on social media when she is not only all grown out of her child-stardom, but is actually quite dead.   459 more words


Life with Lelan Ben

Lelan Ben is just a typical 12 year old boy.

Except that he actually isn’t. Lelan has ASD, specifically high-functioning autism. He also has five neurotypical siblings, so even though they are not personally affected by the disorder, they must also learn to organize their lives around a brother who does have it. 1,640 more words