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God Will Use You As You Are

I recently went to a mentoring service by a renowned prophet in my country, Prophet Bernard El-Bernard. He spoke a lot but in passing, he made a statement that has not left me. 322 more words


These gravity-defying coin towers have left us in awe 【Video】

We all have our special talents–whether you’re that really quiet person who happens to have an amazing singing voice, or you can write beautiful calligraphy with your toes, we all have that one thing that we excel at without hardly trying. 203 more words


5 Biographies Every Man Should Read

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Nothing against the Great American Novel, but sometimes fiction can feel a little, well, made up. Instead, learn from the outsize triumphs and monstrous mistakes of these men—the actors, artists, athletes, rockers, and beautiful minds who’ve come before. 23 more words

Dreaming of You

Sometimes I think we loose our talented youth because this world doesn’t deserve them anymore…  I was a great fan of Selena, and when she died, it broke my heart!  25 more words


Random thought of the day 

So my girlfriend is a photographer/an incredible artist and she just recently posted her pictures from when she was studying abroad. I’m not sure if it’s because I have no significant talents or what, but when I look at her work it blows my mind. 124 more words

#BlackLivesMatter: perfection_pending

Woke up this morning just loving my blackness. Just basking in the gift of melanin, y’all. Oh, what a wonderful, talented, blessed, beautiful people we are. 58 more words