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Tales from Skyrim: Silence is a virtue

Ah, the Greybeards.  They seem like such nice folk.  Terrible conversationalists though.  But they were nice enough to teach me about my hidden talents.  They explained that I’m Dragonborn and that by simply shouting obscenities I could do amazing things.  1,052 more words

Tales from Skyrim: Revenge Is Best Served With Something Pointy

Behold, another tale from the epic adventures of Mortus Bunnybane.

As usual, I was on another murderous bunny-punching rampage. Though I have noticed that as of late the bunny population has been dwindling. 1,242 more words

Tales from Skyrim: Bunnies are Blasphemous

Another chapter in the life of Mortus Bunnybane.

I come trotting back to Dragonsreach, proud of my recent adventure decapitating bad people (at least, I think they were bad). 1,014 more words