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365 Days of Hallowe'en, Day 6: Tales from the Crypt 3x05: Top Billing

Starring both Jon Lovitz AND John Astin (with a cameo from Sandra Bernhard on the day that I was just thinking, “Whatever happened to her?”), this ended up being one of my favourites, not least because its creepy undertone and series of reveals reminds me of about a  dozen cheesy horror stories and urban legends I voraciously consumed when I was a teen. 177 more words


Panels of Blood EP 29: Tales from the Crypt "Scared to Death!"

It’s time we open the big tome of Classic EC comics and read one of the Crypt Keepers creepy tales!

Ralph is a no good greedy pile of garbage, with good looks. 36 more words


Tales from the Crypt Top 10

A Halloween post for 90’s kids. If you were a preteen anywhere between 1989 and 1996, Tales from the Crypt was the ultimate forbidden fruit. It pretended to be marketed for adults but was made for kids whose pre-internet minds would be blown by gore, nudity and swearing. 1,261 more words


Seven for the Slab by Doug Lamoreux

There where comic books, radio programs and television shows that would give their audience short scary stories. These would often wrap up quickly and would allow the presenter to do an anthology of sorts as they could have several stories within the same production. 717 more words


Ghoulish Tattoo


This is Peter Cushing rising vengefully from his grave in the Amicus film Tales from the Crypt, tattooed on the arm of my friend Jason from the… 10 more words

Peter Cushing

Alien Vs. Predator & Demon Knight

Who Saves the World

(We do!)

Here’s the second set of reviews for 31 Days of Black Women in Horror Movies for the website Graveyard Shift Sisters. 1,195 more words