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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition: A Review

“Are you sure you want to quit? Boo will miss you.” No more heart wrenching, or tempting words exist in the history of RPGs. 1,134 more words


Final Thoughts (Cont.)

The previous post was sort of rambling, because I had but one hour of sleep when I wrote it (no, I hadn’t been playing Baldur’s Gate… 434 more words

Some final thoughts about Baldur's Gate 1 (non-enhanced)

I’d like to take a moment to talk about Might and Magic 6: the Mandate of Heaven.  I purchased this game because I already owned Heroes of Might & Magic 2 with the expansion packs.  763 more words

Death: Keeping it in the Family

So Balan crashes the ducal shin-dig, rescues a few of the nobles, and exposes Sarevok as a big jerk.  One of the people there uses his magic to figure out where Sarevok went, and then uses his other magic to get Pshaw & Co. 221 more words

Drawing to a close

So Balan figures he should hire on a couple of extra helpers to take on Sarevok, who seems to be a bad mamma-jamma.  He heads back to Nashkell, where he remembers a bald fellow standing around looking as if he wanted to hire some adventurers.  349 more words


So Balan hands over the valuable book given him by Duke Eltan, and is allowed (finally) to reenter Candlekeep.  He meets some old friends:

as well as–and this is really awesome–some new ones.  624 more words