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The Girl under the Paris Bridge

She could only be found by the pure-hearted
the ones who believed in magic
and possibilities
the ones in dire need
the scarred, damaged

she gave them sweet caresses… 214 more words


Tales from the Children of the Light (I lost my way) Sept 2015

I lost my way is the second chalk piece I’ve done in France and the third time I have ever used chalk on black paper. The colours and the movement were inspired by a piece I heard in a concerto. 164 more words


A Fruitful Quest

Bhoopal, the Raja of Kumbh, was a benevolent ruler, at times given to whims.

One day, he called minister Buddhiwant to court.

‘Buddhiwant, I have a desire.’ 632 more words


730. An old story from France

French-speakers in Belgium have a word for 70 (septante).

French-speakers in Switzerland have a word for 70 (septante).

French-speakers in France don’t have a word for 70. 21 more words


Deal 416: Not beared

The house is dark and quiet, perhaps too quiet. Living in the city, I’m not used to just how quiet things get in the countryside. As the bustle of the day fades, I can hear fluttering outside the window, a crackling and occasional pop from below the floor, and occasional creaking from the house itself. 387 more words

Daily Deal

729. The best of friends

Tom and Seamus had been best friends for many, many years. Their families always took their vacation together at the lake. They were forever taking the mickey out of each other; pulling each other’s leg; having each other on… 153 more words