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Mr Orion

As his dreams started to look less like nightmares
And his obstacles manifested themselves as feeble fears
Those blinding lights turned to shimmering beauty
Yes! This was the tunnel at the end of lights of infinity… 70 more words


One More Bite

Where the woods run red with plasmic sap
And the howls are many, not few
And the light’s tinged grey all times of day
And the nights a bitter, dark blue… 55 more words


635. Howard's way with words

Howard had a way with words; he shot from the hip; he pulled no punches; he was brutally honest; he told it like it was. 56 more words


The Tales They Missed

The bullet ricocheted in the thin hallway and missed its target by inches. The celebrity’s right foot was thus saved, the price of which was paid by the soldier’s left leg which caught the projectile in the anterior talofibular ligament and instantly lost its ability to support the individual. 1,240 more words

Short Story

634. An apple a day

Marlene sat in the pew at her husband’s funeral. After fifty-two years of marriage, this was the time she had dreaded. Fifty-two years, and now all over. 211 more words


Freshman Failure 30 Years Later

My college life began the summer term of 1985. It was only a few days after I graduated from high school when I started attending California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo as an 783 more words

Life Signs