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Blank pages and ink. 

We’re all stories. At least, according to the tumblr hippies. We’re all walking tales of all the good and bad. We all have stories to tell. 281 more words

Positive Vibes.

Conviction Perplexity

He sighed as the peon dumped another bunch of old dusty files on his desk. It was late, and he had promised her daughter that he’d take her to the cinema that night. 33 more words


689. Hoisted by his own petard

Quite frankly, the younger staff members at the local newspaper were fed up. The rule said “In the event of a tie, the oldest in age shall be considered the winner.” This rule was as old as the hills. 185 more words



All he wanted was isolation from the family. Complete independence to do anything. Certainly a decision made in enthusiasm.

He realized the significance of family when there was no one to tie him a rakhi.

Short Stories