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Remember the old saying...

“Remember the old saying! Steel in hand to keep the harm of a ghost!

A man was shouting to his students, a group of squires hoping to one day become knights. 1,452 more words


If you can't say anything nice...

I’m at the point in my writing experience where I’ve gotten used to dealing with other published authors, professional artists, graphics people, editors and people grounded in the reality of book publishing and promotion. 1,471 more words

Daddy Said...

Uncle Ex:

“Let me teach you to drive”


“With a Jeep? So I’ll now jam something and… Alakoba!”

*alakoba: One who gets another in trouble… 108 more words


It was finally there, after all those years, right in front him

When I was just a boy my granny used to tell me and my little brother a tale about the Chester Cathedral. My brothers had never visited it so it was fun for him to imagine the people and the places. 435 more words