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A Stitch in Time 

A Stitch in time they say saves nine. Well that night sure saved the life of Amaka.

Her eyes came alive on the couch she laid on. 589 more words

Inkgeniusng Challenge

Silver And Cold: A Glass Fate Christmas Tale

(CW: Abusive Language, Cursing, Violence)

Chapter 1. Chilled

Athena hit the stop button on her alarm, leaned over the trashcan and emptied her stomach of last night’s gin. 9,001 more words


1197. The artist's model

Stella had the most beautiful hair. Her hair was the envy of everyone. All who saw it couldn’t help but gush with wonder and admiration. It was almost as if Stella was a mutation. 103 more words


Miss the Smile!

Photo Prompt: Three Line Tales!

Two hollow eyes

And a chained nose

Oh, I miss the smiling lips!

Published in response to Three Line Tales… 14 more words


Heart Breaking Micro Tales About Family

These just broke my heart. These are microtales about family specially a mother’s love and sacrifice.


1196. Planet Unisex

The time had come! The males of the human species were tired of paying large sums of money to every female on the planet. A male had only to smile at a female and it was taken to be offensive. 74 more words