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Understand yourself on a soul level and allow yourself to be found. 

We essentially are all molded from flesh and bone, 98% water and all that stuff you already know about the human anatomy.

But from a core level we are mostly very different and unique in our own way’s. 1,040 more words


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A place with the jinn inside it – Socotra, Heybaq road, 1978-79

The tears of a Druid

As many tales in Erie they are are of love and loss. She had lost her love, how is another tale to be told by, well you know the Tuatha Dé Danann have a way with their songs.. 85 more words


1027. Early morning cup of tea

Arnold had no idea when he got out of bed that he’d be electrocuted by the toaster that very morning.

His early mornings always followed the same pattern: rise at twenty minutes passed six, fill the kettle with water and place it on an element on the stove top (it wasn’t one of those automatic turn-off kettles; it was an old-fashioned kettle that whistled when it was time to take it off the heat source), put four slices of bread in the toaster, and pour a little bit of milk into one of the two cups. 94 more words


February 26

Have you ever heard of the legend of Mira? People usually dismiss it as a folklore from the village by the mountains. Listen close as I tell you of her. 493 more words


Excerpt from Yaru - Har Capitals

Bengin told Yaru there were once three great capitals in Har: what was now called the Har Harbour was once one, Har City was the current capital, and there was one further out to sea called Harishma, the first capital. 288 more words


Its 3:30 in the morning and no sleep seems to want to have a relationship with me tonight.  Don’t you think that God was just showing us whose boss when He created mosquitoes?

872 more words