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And I did the mistake again...

It is February and I did the mistake again –
Of confessing love, insanely, and suddenly!
And unlocking my heart and letting my emotions flow… 263 more words


Vogue.it - Altaroma: A Fashion Hub

Article available at http://www.vogue.it/vogue-talents/news/2017/01/30/fashion-hub-altaroma-haute-couture-reportage/


Deal 1281: Breaking Sight

I’ve gone blind. I exaggerate. A little. I can see, but it feels like I ought to be blind.

I only attempted to watch all of… 68 more words

Daily Deal

20th February 2018

Tales 3: Beauty and the Beast

Pirate History Podcast 57 A Parcel of Thieves

Truth and Justice
513 Follow up
514 5-10-93

Lore 80: Dark Imports… 29 more words

Daily Listen

1247. You are almost

There’s no need to fret and get upset. All I said was “You’re almost skinny enough to be a model”. I meant it as a compliment. 249 more words