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536. Bad luck, Cristobel

Cristobel’s bad luck seemed to have no end. Compared to her adult-life misfortunes, her mass of traumatic childhood misadventures – death of parents, broken limbs, failure at school – paled into insignificance. 108 more words


Akshaya Patra - True Act of Goodness

Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day; Teach a woman to fish and you feed her for lifetime.

Quote has been changed a bit because of… 443 more words


My Crazy Hair // Offshoots and Outgrowths

In researching Neil Gaiman’s My Crazy Hair, I stumbled upon the delightful drawings of artist Marian Boo, whose interpretations of this singular fable remind us of the myriad textural opportunities we have when it comes to rendering hair. 30 more words

A tale by Eduardo Galeano

On beforetimes, Don Verídico sowed houses and folks around El Resorte tavern, so the tavern wouldn’t feel lonely. This tale happened, they say, on the village born by him. 325 more words


Story/Plot Structure Part 2 – M.I.C.E. quotient

Welcome back to the blog for the second part of my ongoing series on story structure. Last time we looked at the well known 3 Act (Hollywood) structure, and now we move on to… 2,390 more words

bastille day

Dick still can’t believe it: he’s backed against the concrete wall with all these other bodies crushed in around him and the guy next to him is sobbing uncontrollably but in a kind of whiny way that makes Dick want to clock him if he could get his hands free to do it and there’s this little trickle of blood behind his ear just where he can’t get at it and Jane’s wherever they’re holding the women and kids but they won’t tell him where that is and across the big dark basement storeroom all the phones they confiscated are ring-toning like mad like a muzak machine had a nervous breakdown or something and Dick remembers that he meant to update his message and if his boss is calling for him he’ll probably think Dick stayed in Maui when he’s supposed to be finishing up that presentation for the Sunday Working Breakfast tomorrow and his boss will have his balls… Then Dick stops, thinks: … 4,268 more words


535. Angus: thief

Angus knew he had been caught red-handed. He was still holding the ten-dollar note and his mother’s purse when she walked into the room.

“What are you doing with my purse?” asked his mother. 65 more words