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London's Modern Mythology In Teviot Tales

Hannah Nicklin, she of the fantastic RPS collection A Psychogeography of Gamings as well as Even Your Mom. From October 2015, Hannah ran an art residency in Poplar, East London, aiming to pay attention to the community as well as get them involved in a job that would allow them tell their own…


The Prophecy

This was actually written a while back… for an RP story (The Tears of the Moon) on a Middle-Earth message board I frequented. The story (even if I do say so myself) was amazing, written in collaboration with several other talented writers, but unfortunately real life took over for most of us and the story petered out… I hope to however, one day, turn the ideas into a proper book. 368 more words

Thoughts And Words

A little bit ago I started asking my clients questions about the heart behind their sessions.

I wanted to use this when I posted their session and not just have me tell you about them… 353 more words


Let's Play Tales of Vesperia (13)

Chris and Michaela join Yuri Lowell and friends in a playthrough of Tales of Vesperia! The chance to play through one of the best games in the Tales series was simply too good to pass up. 26 more words

Video Games

962. Number of words

Killian made it a principle of life to write something every day. He would sit at his desk at the same time each morning and begin to type. 88 more words


Snail mail nay-l

I emailed 6 translators from the local Sworn Translators’ Association and only one replied. The reply read that he didn’t know how to contact me back. 12 more words


The Original PlayStation's Most Valuable Games

(Source: kotaku.com)

With nearly 2,000 games in its arsenal, the PlayStation has one of the largest libraries in gaming history.

This is even more impressive when you consider its main rival, the Nintendo 64, didn’t even produce 300. 1,205 more words