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Wishing effuryone happy holi :)

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Fairy Tales

So – I just found this really awesome Wiki-List of all of the Fairy Tales that are on Wikipedia. Thought you would all enjoy this resource! 20 more words


(Random) update

I need to rant. Hubby was supposed to be in Gunma prefecture for work on Monday and Tuesday and then again on Saturday this week. I don’t mind, Saturday is my most busy day aswell and the two others, well, he’s been home for so long now and I am also happy about some me-time. 680 more words

Private Blog

511. Waxing lyrical

Stand on the golden sands and hear the sound of tropical waves crashing on the shore. The scent of pineapple, with guava and mango, wafts across the beach. 90 more words


I'm back.

I haven’t written in a while, so I’m rusty. I’ve forgotten the tales I’ve tried to tell in order to remember them. So, I’ll start from the beginning of this year. 1,426 more words


When Players Collide

Welcome back everybody! I was out of town for the last week and this was a big topic I wanted to handle properly. When Tavernmeet started a few weeks ago, I asked for topics you would like for me to cover. 3,660 more words


What's Up Wednesdays: This One Time...

at band camp…well, not band camp, because I was a choir kid. It was a camp though. Camp Beacon, to be specific. Twas a magical place nestled in the Civil War-carved hills of Vicksburg, Mississippi. 647 more words