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780. Capital punishment

“You’re a damn murderer,” screamed Quentin. “You’ve no respect for life.”

He pointed his pistol and shot the bastard dead.



Tales From Shakespeare by C&M Lamb

Tales From Shakespeare by C&M Lamb

An old book from my mother’s bookshelves. Lovely hard back with a vintage sleeve. C&M Lamb do a beautiful job of adapting some of Shakespeare’s most loved tales. 76 more words


That Singing Bird

Her head is racing and the voices are loud but she sees a little peaceful bird singing between the trees and walks towards that bird. The sound becomes louder the sun hits the tree and the voices become clearer but in her head she wants a little more than just a song from an innocent bird… 178 more words


The story of the stapler...

Something clearly labeled to stay in a certain place is never going to do what it’s been told.

That’s exactly what happened with the innocent drinks company stapler. 50 more words


779. Oh for a tissue!

It was summer. Averil didn’t have a runny nose, but she was a bit sniffly. A dab with a tissue would be adequate to satisfy her desire to attend to the matter. 222 more words


Inflicting damage

Let’s picture a situation where an individual (let’s call him John) is the owner of a shop. John has two employees, whom we shall name Jane and Bill. 716 more words