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Memories: A 2 T


Being in the profession of teaching, I have come across many students. These years of teaching have helped me accumulate many tales related to my students. 350 more words



What if I told you this life is just a lie
Everything you see is an illusion of your eye

One day, time will break this mere spell… 8 more words


1292. Life on the little farm

Betty once went to stay for a few days with her good friend Gustave. They had been friends for over thirty years. They had attended each other’s weddings, and now both spouses had passed away. 147 more words


A soul with thousands of stitches!

Lying on the bed with my head upside down, gazing at the so uninteresting fan, trying hard to concentrate I suddenly lost my concentration. Or should I say I found my peace! 489 more words


Supa Modo and Busaa Stories

Three weeks ago I was seated somewhere in traffic on Ngong road unsuccessfully willing the traffic to move just faster.

Sometimes I guess they lie when they say the mind has the power to do everything. 883 more words


Deal 1345: Quoth, he says

The idea should have been obvious, but the obvious rarely is.

My greatest creation would be realized on stage, by puppets, telling the sad tale of a lost love and a desperate lover, from the point of view of his avian visitor. 67 more words

Daily Deal

Metrophilias Book Review

by Brendan Connell
Kindle eBook 107 p.

A haunting and chilling fantasy.
The horror remained after I had finished the pages as images have been burned into my mind. 182 more words