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Fanime 2015-- Day 0 and Day 1


We started our journey on Day 0 up to Fanime, and on the way we stopped off at a beautiful location just before Casa de Fruta (I believe it’s the San Luis Reservoir) to take some pictures! 197 more words

Fanime 2015

fort he 9. two suddenly become one

It was sudden. Too sudden. He never really got a chance to say goodbye – they found out and then Bertie was gone. Rustle rustle, and now the autumn leaves are burning. 230 more words

Muse Hick

596. Out

Vince didn’t know how to tell his parents he was gay. He was seventeen. He needed to be free. Yet he invited Kathleen from his class to the school dance. 88 more words


Growing up without seeing a woman

Sage Vibhandak did extreme penance and was becoming more and more powerful. Indra, king of gods feared the siddhi’s of the sage might become a threat to his throne. 234 more words

The Old Man and His Diviners Rod

By Patrick Hawthorne

Having just arrived home from work, I quickly shucked my work uniform and donned a pair of comfortable overalls.  As I stepped out on my porch to get ready to feed my pigs, goats, and chickens, a small pickup truck rolled up my long drive.  795 more words


The Privilege : A Story of Two Worlds on One Page

Of late, I have been coming across quite a few webcomics which are so powerful in their context, that they leave me in a stasis of thought for the rest of the day. 318 more words


Born from pots

King Sagara had 2 wives Sumati and Keshini.  Keshini delivered a lump of flesh, which was put into 60,000 pots. Thus 60,000 sons were born to king Sagara from pots.