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The Haunting

Week two is about atmosphere, about mood.

I want to complete first drafts of two short stories this week. The first is meant to be a dark, melancholy story, but it is set on a beautiful if remote New Zealand beach. 457 more words


At times , even a sophisticated life is suffocating ,
But a simple life is always symphonic.

Stay simple ; Stay elegant.


The~grey~ the~ Black.

If you create a circle around me, the voids should be flaccid

if the volcano erupts, the smoke should say the forlorn tales

the markings, the sayings… 90 more words


1072. Lilies and cats

Kenneth had an allergy to pollen. He was especially plagued by pollen from lilies. Of course, Eunice, his wife, absolutely loved lilies. She would fill the vases with lilies every Easter, and poor Kenneth was left sneezing, wheezing, and weeping throughout the entire Paschal Season. 98 more words


Final Note

I am Rolake, a beautiful young lady. I was brought up from the family of Envagelist mother that takes lord as the redolence of her body. 433 more words

Ode To The-Bench.


The grey bench memoir of sacrosanct tales

with the rustle of our love-making

or the infinite stories of heart-breaking

this was all here, on this grey bench… 112 more words


1071. An important meeting

Malcolm was very capable but must have been the most tedious bore in the factory. He was in charge of the knitting and weaving. If you asked Malcolm a question he would drone on and on. 87 more words