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853. No butter for Lent

It was Ash Wednesday. Cecily never enjoyed Lent. Every year it was the same. Every year, for six weeks, she gave up butter. No butter on her toast in the mornings. 122 more words



Ajoke is 15yrs old. She was born in the ghetto and grew up on the streets. She was young till she met Jimoh, the sugar-coated loud mouth “Agbero” that trolls on everybody. 104 more words



The place reeks of alcohol, cigarettes, fear, and desperation.

From the doorway I see pieces of broken glass and splinters of furniture, paired with the quivering voice of a crying daughter, but my eyes fixate on the woman, supine in the middle of the room, statuesque in her immobility. 387 more words


852. The evolutionary track

Hudson was a mutation. He was the next step in the evolutionary ladder. His genes could change the direction of humanity.

He could make himself invisible. 99 more words


The Infliction

Amir was an unruly kid, the kind most parents came close to resenting, but didn’t.

“Wake up already! Don’t you dare be late to school”, a commanding voice declared. 1,028 more words

Purple of the hill

Call me brown lotus, born of the eastern winds
My petals were once purple, as rich as the eyes could dream
But there are some things not even time could recover… 74 more words