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The 3 a.m. Tales & I

The ‘Devil’s Hour’ which is between 3 and 3.15 a.m., is believed to be the time period when the demons and evil spirits enter the living beings’ realm. 463 more words


What to believe back then? -Melanie A.

As I read Get me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to Sperm Bank by Randi Hutter Epstein, the author mentioned a lot of myths that people used to believe in back then. 421 more words

2016-2017 Biomed

Puppy Tales by Finley aged 9 weeks and 2 days

My day so far ….

4.45 am. Rescue Dad’s watch from bedside table and chew it.

4.50 am. Wake Mum (owl ears) up and have it forcibly extracted from gob. 765 more words


What My Grandkids Won't Believe

The waves crest in and out, gray and blue, as the sun rises over the expanse of dawn-rose sand. In the NJ beach city I’m visiting, the sandy stretch is long and wide thanks to the humungous efforts of the state to save and preserve its beaches. 472 more words

" यह घर मैं ही तो हूँ"

दोपहर भी ऊँघती सी पसरी है,

चौकोर खाँचे खींचे रखें हैं , आँगन में ।

ना कोई खेलने वाला है बाज़ी,

ना कोई फेंकने वाला है पासा।

Imagica Tales

The Experiment (100 Words)

The Experiment (100 Words)

Jackson walked through the lonely streets.

Wanting to learn more about his past, he volunteered for the dangerous experiment.

Scientists advised him of everything that could go wrong. 37 more words