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Adam’s Song by blink-182. I played this song on my computer on my early teenager days. When you first listen to a song, what you focus is the sound, but the second time is dedicated to the lyrics. 203 more words



It seems that today the majority prefers having an easy life by doing what’s safe and not taking risks. Well, that is absolutely good, but what about jumping into the hole of hesitation and pointing to the highest level? 71 more words


A tale to tell ...

In an episode of Treasures of the British Library, Benjamin Zephaniah referred to a recurring theme in reggae music of “what about the half that has never been told?” 10 more words


Long Day! 

Today’s been a long day!

It started last night when we were desperately trying to find a campsite for the night. It seems pretty much every campsite we found or looked up online was closed for season. 570 more words


003. Spinning Jenny

She sat there looking at Curry wondering what the hell the thing was that he had just placed on the desk in front of them. A picture of a package with a red background and a green cross upon it. 584 more words


The man who took a decision

All the people in his town knew the Elder Mojandar. There were two reasons why he was called Elder Mojandar: his name was Mojandar, and he was old. 499 more words



Honestly, I wasn’t sure what was worse.  The fact I was deep in trouble, or the fact the hunter just wouldn’t leave. Truth be told, the first day it had been fun, challenging even. 305 more words