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Story Idea Wednesday

In keeping with my mission to be a giver, I’m starting a fresh series today, which should appear each Wednesday for my writer friends. What I’m seeking to do is have you, should the mood strike, write a few lines for the story in the comments (following the theme laid out), with each subsequent reply picking up and carrying froth from that. 219 more words


777. Euphrasie's Thanksgiving

To be honest, Euphrasie wasn’t that old; just in her mid-sixties one would imagine. People thought of her as old because she’d lived in the corner house for as far back as anyone could remember. 210 more words


The uncanny Jungle Blog Part 1

(Since books are history)

Then there was the forest where after the long rule of the fox the lion became the king. The whole forest was overjoyed. 3,175 more words


776. Film star

Melinda and Gerard were walking along the street with their Mum and Dad. Suddenly Dad stopped walking, just before they reached a café that sprawled out on the street. 175 more words


In the Foreign Land (Part 3)

The skinny Zimu shrug. Mr Zimu then decided to kill the girl, Thandeka: ‘You don’t know what we should do? I have a solution then… We kill the girl, we cook, eat and then wrap up the leftovers and carry them with us early in the morning, before everyone else wakes up. 790 more words


Carrot pasta with a creamy zesty garlic sauce (Tales of a Kitchen

Julienne Peeler
Creamy Mushroom Sauce over Spaghetti Squash
Crispy Garlic Curly Fries Rainbow Stir Fry Recipe – Kid-friendly and Super Healthy Rainbow Stir Fry Recipe – Kid-friendly and Super Healthy… 26 more words

What is the Cocktail?

Nowadays, the cocktail represents any mixed drink made with spirits or served in a conical stemmed glass. But in the early days, the cocktail was only one type of mixed drinks, like julep, fizz, punch, swizzle, and others. 492 more words

Cocktail History