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1247. You are almost

There’s no need to fret and get upset. All I said was “You’re almost skinny enough to be a model”. I meant it as a compliment. 249 more words


Through Their Eyes

The real pleasure of being a ranch woman is bringing along the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls. I want to announce a new series about the ‘littles’ called “Cowkids”, coming in March. 749 more words


1246. Oh God! No one knows who I was

I could’ve solved this conundrum if I’d been asked when I was alive. Whole chapters have been written about me. Was I (the author of the stunning novel “Tickle the Moon”) also the poet who published the anonymous collection of poetry called “If you can’t rhyme then shut the fuck up”? 161 more words



Inspired by a quote:

“No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood”

Ask those tiny drops
of that massive flood
which drifted your…

108 more words

Between the Ladders of Infinity

The night sky fills with shadows, hiding the stars and slowly encasing the moon in a black box. As the darkmuse walks slowly through the murky forest of despair and emptiness, she comes upon a wounded warrior singing his requiem to the world…His voice caught her attention, so she closed her eyes…stood still… and listened.  2,500 more words


The Goddess

The goddess, at the moment, is in flight.  For how long, I do not know, maybe forever but doesn’t matter now for she brought me the air I needed and boiled my freezing blood for consumption.  985 more words