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Donald Trump liked everyone

Donald Trump liked everyone, but he especially loved Mexicans. Unfortunately, Ted Cruz wasn’t Mexican, he was Canadian. All Ted Cruz wanted was for Donald Trump to like him, but Donald Trump would only play with Mexicans.


Bernie Sanders loved Mexicans

Bernie Sanders loved Mexicans, but didn’t like Barack Obama. Every time they met, Bernie Sanders would poke Barack Obama in the eye. Barack Obama would say: “I’m the president”, and Bernie Sanders would reply: “I’m Bernie Sanders”.


Donald Trump liked Mexicans

Donald Trump liked Mexicans. In the morning he liked to catch and pet one until he was served breakfast.


COUSCOUS - Videoclip zu "Alice"

Im Mai verzauberten uns COUSCOUS mit ihrem wundervollen Album “Tales”, das zusammen mit einem Märchenbuch veröffentlicht wurde.

Nun erschien die Single “Alice”, zu der das Dresdner Acoustic Pop Art Duo auch ein ausgefallenes Video drehte. 133 more words


The smallest bag

We do love paper bags and this is not a secret. Just that since the Human Male uses the couch as his main bed, we are not getting them as often as before. 137 more words

Guinea Pig

Donald Trump would often ask himself

Donald Trump would often ask himself: “I’m a great guy. Putin is a great guy. Who else?”


The Man in the Fields

He stood with his back facing the bold

the old, the new

and life grew

from his eyes down to his shoes

good news in fact, 68 more words