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Fifty shades of white

We’re getting to that point now where it’s time to select our paint. Yes, our wall paint. That’s decorating. We are close to leaving renovation phase and entering decorating. 183 more words


936. Garth and Ken

Garth and Ken got on like a house on fire. It was one of those friendships that appeared out of nowhere. Garth had made a fairly rare visit to a pub, and there was Ken. 120 more words


How Fate Was Overcome (A Children's Story)

A rishi had come to the village en-route Kashi. No one in the village paid any attention to him.Their disregard enraged the rishi; he cursed the village would not have rains for ten years. 321 more words

Short Story

Dingo Lingo

“Moving to Australia will be easier than any other country, they speak English!” I thought to myself. It’s laughable how wrong I was. English-American and English-Australian, happen to be very different. 431 more words


This and that from re Thai r ment, by 3Th. 16 Mopey 0005 (February 2, 2016)

“One of the more dangerous pleasures of great wealth is that you never have to hear anyone tell you that you are completely wrong.”
David Frum… 2,178 more words


A Donkey's Bottom

I knew I was never going to be the greatest photographer on this world, especially when I realised that all of my photos had a problem. 185 more words


935. An invisible epidemic

Octavia Pankhurst Gorring-Wilson had a mission in life. It was a calling; a vocation, if you wish. Octavia Pankhurst Gorring-Wilson was one of those relatively rare beings: a feminist musicologist. 214 more words