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"You can't turn down a vibrator."

Most days, the things that my students say far outweigh any Freudian slips that I have in class.  However, there are days where my mouth runs far quicker than my mind.   89 more words


March 21

As I reached for my book, my hand touched her hand. Ma—that’s what I called her. Her hand felt different. I consciously touched it to be sure it was hers. 99 more words


#20 (My Own Thingy!)

Today, I didn’t have any new task since I had completed them already. However, our CEO told me that I had an important task as the manager. 116 more words


The Rails

I took the first step out from my front door, the railway not a stone’s throw from me.  In the air was that humid, summer smell, pollen and hay, not freshly cut grass which lets off that pungent but homely smell, rather the smell of water when it hadn’t rained or the smell of the sun when it gives no such sense.   2,341 more words


Storying Happiness

My love for stories started with my nani (maternal grandmother) who had an impressive and varied repertoire up her sleeve. While bed time stories such as the one coming up below  were a staple of all younger days spent with her, anecdotes from her childhood in Bareilly, stories of the independence struggle,her married life in Lucknow and Bombay and scores of other snippets formed large parts of the days I spent with her. 732 more words

This And That

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I remarked at the end of my… well, I’m not sure I’d call it a review, but let’s go with that for now. Anyway, I remarked at the end of my… 1,833 more words