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The night dozes off behind sunrise, but drowsiness is not letting Raj to drive fast; a long night he passed driving the roads. 105 more words


Septolet #4

Spent Hands,
Visibly Care-worn,

A tale,
Patiently waiting,
To be told!

©Meanderings 2016


He & She #12

“Sometimes i feel insecure with you”
“Well I don’t”
“Why so?”
“My insecurity has a space inbetween it.”


959. For the boys

Oswald was the youngest of five boys. Oswald was sixteen. His entire football team was coming around on Saturday afternoon to watch a video of the game. 197 more words


Little seed (short story)

My little seed I hope you become the most beautiful of my garden, you are a precious little thing, the one that will fulfill my deepest wish, you will be my wish come true, do become strong so as to stand against the wind, do grow magnificently so that your glow may give me solace. 269 more words


958. Toilet seat

It was outrageous. Once again the toilet seat had been left up by some thoughtless male. For the second time that day, the toilet seat had to be put down before it could be sat on. 154 more words