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Deal 378: Voices 2

With my afternoon nap now completely disrupted, there was little else I could do but argue with the cause of the disruption. Clearly I wasn’t about to wake up from a strange dream. 450 more words

Daily Deal

Tales from the master

“There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man!”

Winston Churchill

This is a snippet of a short story that I have been writing for over two years! 282 more words

Tips from the train

During a recent morning commute, I overheard a conversation between what appeared to be two former colleagues. I wasn’t eavesdropping per se, but as their chatter effectively disrupted my usual quiet contemplation of the day past and the day ahead, I lent them an ear. 327 more words


The big day

We were given an appointment for induction on 5th May at 7:30am. We arrived at 7:15am tired from the lack of sleep and early morning but buzzing with excitement. 629 more words


Watching the pink line....

During pregnancy I downloaded an app that allowed me to track the babies development and see how far along I was. The main screen had a pink line (a bit like a loading bar) that instantly showed you how near (or far!) you were along. 68 more words


Sh*t tales

Babies are cute. They also produce a phenomenal amount of dirty nappies. Most of these nappies will be fairly easy to clean up but once in a while you get an absolute zinger. 614 more words


691. Did I tell you about my grandkids?

Let’s face it, no one in my eighty-seven years has ever listened to me. And now I’m in an old people’s home and everyone talks and talks and talks like someone might be listening. 164 more words