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Life lessons

“You’ve done it again. Your shirt – it’s inside out and backwards.”

He tucks in his chin and glances down, pulling the offending garment out to see the embossed tag. 69 more words


Finding Forever

Do you believe in forever? She asked, and all I could do was stare at the wall. What a silly question it was! And yet, I knew it was more than me and more than her. 169 more words


562. At the wharf

(It is 100 years today since the battle of Gallipoli. Today Australia and New Zealand remember their war dead – ANZAC Day).

When Jamie’s mother waved goodbye, she knew. 157 more words


On the Plane to Thailand and Thoughts of a Good Death

On day, I took a long uncomfortable plane ride to Bangkok. As I was getting in my seat and checking things one last time, I realized that I had either lost or left at home the small bag holding my tooth-brush, shaving equipment and all my medicines. 1,119 more words


This and that from re Thai r ment, by 3Th. 15 Papa Joe 0003 (October 4, 2014)

“Today the absence of government simply means government by corporations.”
Trenz Pruca

Happy Birthdays to Athena, Aaron and Anthony


A. TWO MOTT STREET BOYS ON A CART, CIRCA 1900… 2,379 more words


No use crying over crushed artichokes

Early one morning, the aunt arrived, more flustered than usual, carrying a white plastic shopping bag that was a bit torn up and that looked to be full of brownish-green ooze. 584 more words


561. Patch

Patch growled. He always growled when given different food. He growled when it rained because he couldn’t get outside to mess around in the garden. He growled when visitors came and he wasn’t getting all the attention. 96 more words

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