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Modern Cab Tales : Season 1; Episode 1

Alright, this is one way of keeping my blogging habit on. I am using the Web/ TV series format of seasons and episodes. I call this “Blog Series”! 663 more words

Blog Series

Deal 1042: Gwen doesn't have cats?

I’m hopeful for the first time in many years. Sydney is turning out to be an apt pupil, often needing little more than a hint that something might be possible for him to do for him to go off on his own and discover how to do it. 317 more words

Daily Deal

1075. A fishy story

To be honest, Tetra was tired of being a “Fishing Widow”. Her husband Finlay, was hooked on fishing. He was never home. Tetra would carp on and on about it. 214 more words


Life Ain't No Story Book Kid 

Life ain’t no storybook kid,

With fairies in magical worlds,
Or angles in the heavens above,

With laced gowns and netted viels,

Or crystal diadems and pearls beneath, 265 more words

An Unbalanced Beginning

It was said that when Darkness poured from the Well,

It came as a howling wind.

Little did the world know the plague that had been unleashed. 40 more words

Creative Writing

Mobile game playthroughs #7

// Fire Emblem \\

I eventually got ★5 Lucina Marth. As said lastly, I stopped right after getting it. I didn’t have any more motivation to get further on it. 568 more words


Yellow memories of the lake

“No. I’m never gonna miss this place. I’m gonna miss this chocolate though. It’s only found here isn’t?” she said, munching on her chocolate stick. 510 more words