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90's kids 

Dedicated this night to those 90’s kids like me 😂😂 If I forgot any, kindly comment. Here are few cartoon shows those I used to watch in my childhood and I love most of them now even 😜😜 81 more words



I was in my teens when I became aware that my father and I could actually be friends. And it was all because of the Disney afternoon cartoon  402 more words


Inside Story of TaleSpin

Our childhood witnessed many fictional animated series and TaleSpin was one of them. This animated series was about the famous character from The Jungle Book, Baloo. 388 more words


Case Study 55: TaleSpin, Episode 46--“Flight School Confidential”

Original Airdate: January 10th, 1991 on first-run syndication

Hey, a crappy kids’ cartoon that I remember from my actual childhood! The concept of Baloo (Ed Gilbert) from The Jungle Book delivering airmail was introduced on Disney’s first syndicated cartoon, DuckTales. 685 more words

On DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Darwking Duck, and TaleSpin

DuckTales was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. I adored the show for it’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy elements, and entertaining stories. According to the Mental Floss… 2,742 more words

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TaleSpin Entry #10

 – Geet George

Cynic feels lost nowadays. She wouldn’t confess this to you, though. She portrays herself as completely callous to everything that goes on around her. 2,043 more words

Creative Writing Competition

TaleSpin Entry #9


  – Naive Narwhal

I am a spinner of tales. I am the one blowing smoke in your eyes; literally and figuratively.

I sit at my loom each day, painstakingly pick out the material, thread the needle carefully, and weave. 910 more words

Creative Writing Competition