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그럴 텐데 ( i would )

let’s forget
all things that fell

together apart into

each half-light, the selfsame
shade of blue extending along
flat planes

tipping over the edges,
circling in coffee-filled bottles, 72 more words


till sunrise

was it the blade of
honey between our          fingers,
lapsed amongst soft
cuts and thin

that             swept us up like
a circular refrain, knuckles clashing… 44 more words


emergency guidelines

please hold on:

that long haul

into pale hands

stow it secure
amidst the stars over
your head

and jump
onto the soft… 7 more words



It’s been awhile since i wrote anything remotely unfiltered, but christmas and the end of the year sounds like a good time to reflect a little. 464 more words

Talk Me Down

色心不二 [shikishin-funi]

色心不二 : oneness of body and mind, buddhist belief (or theory?). probably an apt title for an odd intertwine of religion and what religion probably, most possibly, forbids. 43 more words

you remain

tuck your feet further
into the covers
with the quiet glow

and peach print,
small cup with an oversized
spoon, out of 

perspective, amidst
haphazard prods and… 44 more words