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For Troye

Have you ever feel like the song was made just for you the moment you first time heard it? You suddenly question yourself, where has this song been all your life? 100 more words


what chasing a dream is like:

they tell you that you can’t go home unless you’ve mapped the trajectory of a block in free fall like phloem in your veins with your last finger, and memorised the sensation of flowers wilting in your lungs just so that you know where chasing the unattainable leads to. 256 more words

Talk Me Down

half moon.

i wonder if it is true that we only fall short of our dreams after rounds of hide and seek because we lack context, where amidst the mad scramble we took the wrong turn and found ourselves in a stale room with worn furniture and dusty breaths (when it should’ve been white tiles and wooden figures). 112 more words

Talk Me Down

The Ultimate Johnlock Playlist

There’s been a lot of these lately (Well, in my lifetime.) So I was thinking, why not add to the list? I’m happy to add to the list. 311 more words

Cinematic Orchestra

eyes down

so we start the game, chasing after blurry images of each other’s shadows down the quiet corridors with remnants of fear hanging off the edges of our dry lips. 107 more words

Talk Me Down


extension of the lost boy, also my favourite piece in the portfolio i’m submitting for CAP. 

there is always something special about a boy chasing dreams: the way his eyes peek out from beneath his disheveled hair with hints of passive sprite, thin frame barely filling his favourite filmy sky blue flannel. 261 more words


Album Review: Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood

Drop everything now! Let’s talk about Troye Sivan for a minute.

I’ve mentioned Troye Sivan quite a few times lately, even including his singles “WILD” 1,278 more words