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Draining Pool // Blonde Tongues

Amaan Hassenn from Draining Pool & Cal Mateer from both Blonde Tongues & Caroline have a yarn about gigs, pedals, and what it would sound like if they wrote a song together… 711 more words

Australian Music

Holly Grove

Holly will cover all topics regarding parties and events giving you tips on planning your party and event.The do’s and don’ts before hiring a professional. Holly will interview top party & event planners and people in the party industries. 6 more words

DJ. Holly Grove

Well that's clearly unfortunate...

So here’s the thing: I want you to listen very carefully to the advice I’m about to give you. If you’re someone who enjoys the recreational use of marijuana and also enjoys the occasional cocktail or ten, it’s very important that you never ever keep the Cortizone 10 in the same bathroom cabinet with your toothpaste. Never, ever, do that.


Caleb Graham - DEMO REEL - August 2015

I created a DEMO REEL of clips from some of my videos.  Hopefully this will be helpful to me in the future.  I also am wanting to improve it.  6 more words


  1. Introduction 

Mark Akol is a unique multicultural enthusiast in the entertainment industry that presents on the platforms of  Radio Presenting , Club DJ’ing & MC’ing. He prides himself on authenticity ,art , music and social content with meaning. 906 more words

The bartender hates you...

So here’s the thing: If you’re sleeping in the bar it’s time to go home. Don’t tell me “he’s fine, just leave him alone” What a great friend you are that it’s more important that you keep partying than it is to get your friend into a safe environment. 113 more words


Jimmy Fallon has been in our faces for almost 20 years. From SNL to movies to hosting a couple talks shows, he’s pretty much a household name.

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