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Caleb Graham - DEMO REEL - August 2015

I created a DEMO REEL of clips from some of my videos.  Hopefully this will be helpful to me in the future.  I also am wanting to improve it.  6 more words


  1. Introduction 

Mark Akol is a unique multicultural enthusiast in the entertainment industry that presents on the platforms of  Radio Presenting , Club DJ’ing & MC’ing. He prides himself on authenticity ,art , music and social content with meaning. 906 more words

The bartender hates you...

So here’s the thing: If you’re sleeping in the bar it’s time to go home. Don’t tell me “he’s fine, just leave him alone” What a great friend you are that it’s more important that you keep partying than it is to get your friend into a safe environment. 113 more words


Jimmy Fallon has been in our faces for almost 20 years. From SNL to movies to hosting a couple talks shows, he’s pretty much a household name.

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What are friends for...

So here’s the thing: I’m picking up a friend the other day and I’m waiting outside his place for him to come down. As I sit there pondering life, because he’s never on time, I started feeling a little positive about my physical appearance. 116 more words


When I'm President...

So here’s the thing: When I’m President there are going to be a lot of changes around here. For starters I’m going to have a team of FBI agents who surf Facebook and when they come across a guy who takes a selfie in his car, their going to track him down and punch him in the face. 167 more words


Why the long face?...

So here’s the thing: If I were a horse in the year 2015, I have to say I would pretty pissed off! Horses are smart animals so I wonder if when their being ridden by some fat ass their thinking in their head “Hey, you drove a fucking Honda Civic down here, so why the fuck are you on my back?” Let’s face it people, we don’t need to ride horses anymore. 128 more words