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I cannot sing, dance or act; what else would I be but a Talk Show Host

Talk Show Host – I Don’t Wanna Go to the Library (youtube) + Perfectly Competent (BC EP)


Talk Show Host book

This isn’t just a random theme this week!  We are celebrating TV Talk Show Host Day which is October 23.  Our book takes a look at some different talk show hosts and gives a couple of facts about them.  59 more words


Talk Show Host - Perfectly Competent EP

You know, whatever happened to the pop-punk powerhouses of a generation ago? They dominated the mainstream for years, but just like a pair of skinny denims they faded away. 169 more words


Mary J. Blige on Singing to Hillary Clinton: 'She Needed to Feel That This Police Brutality Mess is a Nightmare'

I commend Mary for her work and passion, I have just one #Concern/Comment either sing (that which you are very good at) or consider being a talk show host – you must be able to separate the two until you build trust. 84 more words


Online is mentally offline.

So here’s the thing? I know that a lot of you are online dating and looking for love. Let me tell you who is online looking for sex, and kinky parking lot head…….every fucking guy online. 192 more words

Talk Show Host

What the F do I do?

So here’s the thing: Have you ever messed with a girl a little, you know, flirting and shit, just to see what’s up? Then you go over to her house and this little crazy kid mother fucker comes out talking about, “what’s up homie?” “Why you talkin to my momma?” “What the fuck homie?” Inside of your head your like “fuck you little kid, don’t worry about what the fuck I be doin!” but at the same time this little mother fucker is stacked up, so then you start thinking, “shit, is this little fucker gonna roll me up?” Keep in mind, this dude is like five years old I think, I don’t know, I don’t have those things. 220 more words