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Sweet blade...

So here’s the thing: Who the hell are these “knife people”? You’re probably thinking “what knife people”? Settle down bubba, I”m gonna tell you. The “knife people” are the people who when you’re having a casual conversation with somebody at the coffee shop or supermarket and notice a loose thread on your shirt, these people produce a knife from nowhere and are ready to cut the shit out of that thread before you get out the full sentence that you’ve noticed a loose thread. 113 more words


You Have to See Norm MacDonald's Emotional Goodbye to Letterman

Comedian Norm Macdonald showed a side of him not too many people get to see.

Last night during his final stand-up on the Late Show with David Letterman… 100 more words

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Itsy bitsy spider...tried to kill me...

So here’s the thing: I’m sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy this afternoon when my vision started to almost blur. Of course I thought I was about to have a stroke seeing as how I’ve eaten pork in some form at every meal for six days in a row. 190 more words


Think about eating this...

So here’s the thing: I enjoy a nice little breakfast, even though the only time I’m up early enough to have breakfast are the times when I haven’t gone to sleep. 134 more words


I don't want to over think this...

So here’s the thing: I get a text from my mother the other night at around midnight. She and I don’t talk very much but there’s really no reason, we have a great relationship, we just don’t talk that often. 124 more words


Well that's a new one...

So here’s the thing: The other night at work one of our regulars said something to me that kinda shook the pillars of my emotional stability. 243 more words


The bartender hates you...

So here’s the thing: I’m bar tending the other day when a couple comes in and sits at the bar. I go through the motions of “Hey, how’s it goin?” Like I care, then I say to the lady (because ladies first) “Sweet heart, what can I get for you?” She says, “I want something good” What the fuck does that mean to me? 135 more words