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Less Fighty

My girls and I have been on a journey. It’s been a journey to reconnect. To regain the closeness and relationship we had when they were little. 402 more words


My Touhou Story – Part 2

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I’m having so much fun into writing this, and I hope someone out there is at least smiling while reading these posts. 1,121 more words


Ao Oni – Anime

Maybe you’re familiar with the game developed with RPG Maker published in 2012, but this time I won’t talk about it –but if you’re curious, I’ve played and liked it; which is the reason why I started watched this anime. 237 more words

Tea Time

My Touhou Story – Part 1

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Hello and welcome to this random thing I decided to start when I *insert long explanation here*. But, first things first. 635 more words


Doujin Golden Era?

So… Comiket has started today, and what to do besides hoping? Turning the “Nostalgia” switch on.

The other day I was browsing my (doujin) music folder and started to listen once again those “old” CDs I don’t remember that well anymore. 358 more words


What Makes Gigs So Special?

I don’t know about you but there’s this special feeling that I always get whenever I go see a band, it doesn’t even matter if I’ve seen them ten times before. 291 more words

Live Music