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My Touhou Story – Part 2

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I’m having so much fun into writing this, and I hope someone out there is at least smiling while reading these posts. 1,121 more words

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Ao Oni – Anime

Maybe you’re familiar with the game developed with RPG Maker published in 2012, but this time I won’t talk about it –but if you’re curious, I’ve played and liked it; which is the reason why I started watched this anime. 237 more words

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My Touhou Story – Part 1

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Hello and welcome to this random thing I decided to start when I *insert long explanation here*. But, first things first. 635 more words

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Doujin Golden Era?

So… Comiket has started today, and what to do besides hoping? Turning the “Nostalgia” switch on.

The other day I was browsing my (doujin) music folder and started to listen once again those “old” CDs I don’t remember that well anymore. 358 more words

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What Makes Gigs So Special?

I don’t know about you but there’s this special feeling that I always get whenever I go see a band, it doesn’t even matter if I’ve seen them ten times before. 291 more words

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How To Get Loan Talktime In Any Networks?

So with this post we are bringing all of them together along with some other additions,Now you don’t need to depend on others in case of emergencies,the loan services from various operators help us to generate balance immediately in our phone,which is repaid by you the next day with an interest of 1-2 Rs depending on the operator and loan amount,some operators give a fixed amount as loan,while others give us the freedom to choose the amount as per the choices. 252 more words

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