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high school love

in high school, relationships are what it’s allll about to people. but honestly? it’s so rare that these things last. we’re all immature and growing. who we are today, is gonna be so different than who we’ll be when we’re mature and older. 86 more words

High School

to the freshmen

get ready for the ride of your life. whether you’re 100% ready for high school, or 100% not, let me give you one piece of advice: do the most you can. 311 more words

High School

Sleep Talkin'

As the infomercials make their nightly debut, my fiancee recites some unintelligible nonsense.

She had had a few shots before passing out, and she is a lightweight. 90 more words


Dirty Talkin Stepdaughters # 3 http://bit.ly/1DHUWH9

Just smoked weed with my brother and he’s too conservative hopefully he will learn not to trust cops with time.

I haven’t really journaled so I haven’t really reflected on what’s been going on, and there’s been a lot of things that are giving me really strong feelings that I’m taking drugs in order to ignore. 216 more words


I’m writing here now instead of checking her blog. I love her but it didn’t work out and that’s ok. I just have to learn from this and do better next time. 217 more words