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Brush Buddies Talkin Toothbrush Moo Reece Cow Considering

Brush head shape is generally square and diamond shape. Square brush head can effectively clean the surface of each tooth. Diamond-shaped brush head at the end of such a square is designed to tip over, it was easier in-depth oral cavity clean. 138 more words


you know what hurts? is having that one person, you know makes you happier than any. that companion of a life time, best friend, significant other. 114 more words


summer's ending

summer is winding up, and I’m entering my final year of high school. i register in two days and i cannot be more excited to finally see my senior year schedule. 276 more words


high school love

in high school, relationships are what it’s allll about to people. but honestly? it’s so rare that these things last. we’re all immature and growing. who we are today, is gonna be so different than who we’ll be when we’re mature and older. 86 more words


to the freshmen

get ready for the ride of your life. whether you’re 100% ready for high school, or 100% not, let me give you one piece of advice: do the most you can. 311 more words


Sleep Talkin'

As the infomercials make their nightly debut, my fiancee recites some unintelligible nonsense.

She had had a few shots before passing out, and she is a lightweight. 90 more words