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Book review: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary, by David Sedaris

Telling stories about animals as allegories for human life isn’t a new concept, but it can still be enjoyable in the hands of a gifted writer, as Sedaris is. 60 more words


Zootopia Review

Lately, the theatrical animated films have been pretty solid. Big Hero 6, Frozen, and more gems have been popping up. Zootopia is another good addition to these ranks and it is actually more fun than those. 1,685 more words


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в “Годе литературы” – отрывок из “Тщеты” Джерхарди с легким предисловием Михаила Визеля

вчера была премьера обложки книжки в переводе Шаши, к которой я имел небольшое консультационное отношение

а теперь дискотека:

тут находим сценарий

я пошутил. дискотека вот:


Madoka Magica

This is the magical girl anime that will break your heart.
…it’s one of my favorite anime

Full name: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Length: 12 episodes… 171 more words

Set In School

Johnny Nightwalker: Ringleader [Part 1]

Johnny and Chico walked the dark streets, towards where the supposed dog fight was to be held. After traveling through several alleys and over, under, and through different kinds of fences, they made it to the abandoned fish cannery on the shore… 474 more words