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How Honest Can a Butt Wiggle Be?

I arrive home from a trip to the paint store after leaving Fleegle and Franny at home because it’s too hot of a day for them to wait in the car while I wait for the store clerk to mixes the paint and we all know how long that can take. 376 more words


Fleegle's Bed

Franny holds her ground on the bed and growls down at Fleegle who is trying to jump past her up onto the bed. “Poor Biscuit Breath,” she says and wags her tail. 151 more words


17 - Invasion

“Someone is on the roof,” Franny says to Fleegle in the dark of the bedroom. “Should we wake him?”

I look at their black silhouettes on the bed and listen to the silence. 474 more words


Chapter 15 - The Boy Bits Of God

While in the backyard immersed in one of my books on advaita and nonduality, something tickles the back of my neck. I swat at it like I would a mosquito and feel a small wet nose, a nose too small to be Fleegle’s. 337 more words


Chapter 14 - The Biggest Brain Of Them All

I sit in the backyard half reading a book on dog biology and half watching Fleegle and Franny wrestle in the fresh cut grass. After a while, they tire and start chewing on a long stick, one on either end. 357 more words


Minnie and BowWow Discuss Sadness

BowWow: There’s been a lot of death talk talk around here lately. It’s a downer, man.

Minnie: I know what you mean. It seems like everything is downhill from here. 290 more words


Minnie and BowWow Discuss Donald Trump and Fine Art

BowWow: It was shitty that those feminists put up that statue of Donald Trump with nothing on.

Minnie: What? Feminists didn’t do that. It was an artist and quite a fine one at that. 359 more words