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Minnie and BowWow Reflect on Tweeting

BowWow: I’m sick of being an outsider. It’s fucked up.

Minnie: We’re not really outsiders. We’re just outside.

BowWow: Yeah, sure, okay. 230 more words

Politics And Current Events

Short Story Review: Dancing on Air by Nancy Kress

Dancing on Air by Nancy Kress

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bio-enhanced ballerinas and dogs. Mothers and daughters. The price of passion. This powerful short story is a must-read. 194 more words


Olfactory Story Telling

While walking the dog yesterday, we struck up a conversation about writing and being a writer that proved once and for all that DOGS REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO WRITE! 534 more words


Feeding Hollywood

While on the couch watching a Battlestar Galactica rerun, Fleegle asks, “So the people on television are not who they say they are?”

“No, they’re actors,” I say. 475 more words


Quiet Humility

Mock me, go ahead

I am a prince to your serf

No need to parade

Talking Dogs

My pets, and the owl videos.

​​​I wanted to share my sweet dogs with you. Jessy, as you can see, was very vocal. He ROOO-Ed on a daily basis. He always had a lot to say. 95 more words

Mr. Pillow

I lie on my bed, reading before I take a nap after a late lunch on Sunday. Fleegle keeps shifting positions to goober this part or that part of his body, shaking the whole bed as he does. 344 more words