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Donut Dreams of Wendies

I thought it was going to be just another ordinary day in our home but there was more activity than normal. Something was going on but I couldn’t quite put my paw on precisely what. 565 more words


Ham & Cheese To Go

I’m standing in front of the open fridge checking what there is to eat when I hear Fleegle behind me. He could be no where to be seen but at the sound of the fridge door opening, he magically materializes out of thin air. 316 more words


In Training

As Fleegle walks over to where I’m sitting in the backyard, I close the book in my lap and say, “Well, Fleegle, I just finished reading a book on the afterlife by a guy who travels there in out of body experiences.” 339 more words


Minnie and BowWow: BowWow Feels the Bern

BowWow: I’m feelin’ the Bern, Minnie. You need to get with it.

Minnie: No thanks. I don’t think dogs have any place in politics. 488 more words

Feminism, Politics And Talking Dogs

Bedtime, Or Not

I finish brushing my teeth, then climb under the bed’s covers. Fleegle is curled up on his pillow next to mine and Franny sits at the end of the bed mouthing the old rope toy she’s found. 290 more words


Minnie and BowWow Discuss Living Arrangements

BowWow: Did you see they bought a new rug?

Minnie: Yes. I also see you scoping it out like it’s a fresh lamp chop. 252 more words

Politics And Current Events

What's In A Name?

While the three of us are sitting outside in the backyard trying to come up with a name for the puppy, she asks, “Why do I need a name? 608 more words