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Negotiating with Cookies - Stinky Big

While retrieving the tennis ball during a game of fetch at the park, Fleegle drops the ball to sniff the grass. After a bit, he begins rolling on his back where he was sniffing. 207 more words


Minnie and BowWow's First Road Trip in the New Truck

BowWow: Jesus H. I feel like I’m riding in a semi, here. A big nut size Bulldog. Hey, smart guy in front, what’s our handle, see any Smokies up there? 307 more words

Grand Marais And Travel

Negotiating with Cookies - The Snake

As I read in the yard, Fleegle ambles over with something dangling from his mouth.

“What have you got there?” I ask.

“I caught a snake.” 138 more words


Negotiating with Cookies - Procrastination

I’m in the kitchen fixing something to eat as I often do when procrastinating house projects when Fleegle walks in from the backyard.

“Whatcha fixing, Raud?” 147 more words


Negotiating with Cookies - To Glaze or not to Glaze

“Look, Fleegle,” I say, pointing at a chocolate lab on the far side of the park. “That dog over there could be your twin.”

“I don’t look like that. 255 more words


Minnie and BowWow Talk on the Back Porch

BowWow: It pisses me off when she finally comes home and then it’s all like hurry up and run outside and pee.

Minnie: You let stuff bother you. 399 more words

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