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My pets, and the owl videos.

​​​I wanted to share my sweet dogs with you. Jessy, as you can see, was very vocal. He ROOO-Ed on a daily basis. He always had a lot to say. 95 more words

Mr. Pillow

I lie on my bed, reading before I take a nap after a late lunch on Sunday. Fleegle keeps shifting positions to goober this part or that part of his body, shaking the whole bed as he does. 344 more words


Minnie and BowWow Discuss Election Stress

BowWow: I am about to lose my fucking shit.

Minnie: Take it easy. What’s the problem?

BowWow: The election! It’s making me bite my fucking tail. 322 more words

Politics And Current Events


At breakfast I cooked smokies, small-sized fried sausages.  Jade, our family dog got up to the table with the rest of us.

“I can eat twenty of those!” Jade said. 359 more words



Fleegle and Franny lay in the grass in the backyard licking the sides of their front paws obsessively.

When they notice me watching, Fleegle raises his head and says forlornly, “Raud, someone stole our dewclaws.” 298 more words


The Princess

I find a sunny spot in the backyard, line up my chair to make the most of the fall sun, and sit down to attempt some writing in my notepad. 382 more words


Minnie and BowWow Discuss Voter Registration

BowWow: Did you hear that? The man called me Donald J. BowWow.

Minnie: Oh really? Why do you think he’d do that. He’s ordinarily so careful about your feelings. 438 more words

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