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Minnie and BowWow Discuss Hospice Care

BowWow: This is getting pretty damn grim around here.

Minnie: Yes. I agree. It’s a little depressing.

BowWow: Do you feel like we’re at fucking death’s door? 353 more words

Talking Dogs

Sheriff Teddy and the Plutonian Invaders Chapter four

Chapter Four
Brownie: The First Law Dog in Space!

While Joey was telling his incredible story to Teddy and Puffy, Brownie was on his way to the far reaches of outer space. 1,414 more words

Jason McKinney

Minnie and BowWow Discuss Rehab

BowWow: This fucking laying around all day is getting to me, Minnie. When in the H are you going to get better?

Minnie: I don’t know, BowWow. 357 more words

Talking Dogs

Skylos Milo

“With my new invention the Skylos Milo which means dog speak in Greek, I will be able to hear what dogs are trying to tell us. 266 more words

Short Story

Perfume River

Autumn is about 3/4 of the way through the year. Whilst the brightest and longest days of the year may be behind us, we’re right in the middle of the BEST days. 699 more words

A True Fact

Alaskans like to ask visitors “What’s the difference between a caribou and a reindeer?” The visitors talk about antlers, size, color, all kinds of possible differences until they give up. 215 more words


Night Flight

He takes forever to settle down. Maybe 30, he is tall and thin, dark hair, cut very short, he is very well put together as we used to say. 463 more words