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Rationalizing with dogs

Oh, my puppy love. And by puppy love, I mean my old man of a dog. He’s fifteen. My husband has had him since he’s been little, but I’ve been around the pup for six years, so I think that counts for something. 380 more words

Negotiating with Cookies - What the Leash Is Really For

Fleegle sometimes pulls on the leash when I walk him. It’s not a lot, just enough to keep the leash taught and off the ground, but if a dog has recently walked the path we are on and its scent trail is strong, then Fleegle is another dog entirely. 679 more words


Minnie and BowWow Talk about the Stock Market

BowWow:  It’s a crock that she leaves us out here while she goes and makes coffee.

Minnie:  Oh, come on. It’s just the morning routine. 242 more words

Talking Dogs

Negotiating with Cookies - Ghost Writer

As I’m hunched over my desk working on a story, and my bad pasture, Fleegle appears from underneath my desk and rests his head on my knee. 256 more words


Pets: Cute Talking Dogs

Who said dogs cant talk? This video will prove them wrong. Check this out.

Duzon Life

Negotiating with Cookies - Grinch

Fleegle nose bumps me in the leg at the park and asks, “Raud, are you a Grinch?”

“Why do you ask?’

“I overheard one of your friends call you that?” 205 more words


Minnie and BowWow Talk about Christmas

BowWow: We’re not getting shit for Christmas.

Minnie: How do you know? There are a lot of bags from Target up in her office. 351 more words

Talking Dogs