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Minnie and BowWow Discuss Sadness

BowWow: There’s been a lot of death talk talk around here lately. It’s a downer, man.

Minnie: I know what you mean. It seems like everything is downhill from here. 290 more words


Minnie and BowWow Discuss Donald Trump and Fine Art

BowWow: It was shitty that those feminists put up that statue of Donald Trump with nothing on.

Minnie: What? Feminists didn’t do that. It was an artist and quite a fine one at that. 359 more words


Chapter 11 - Truth

While I stand next to the kitchen counter listening to the coffeemaker percolate, Fleegle ambles in from the backyard, followed closely by his blond shadow, Franny. 524 more words


Fleegle Sells a Copy in Scotland

A reader emailed me this photo when their copy of Negotiations with Cookies arrived in Strone, Scotland.

Chapter one – Stinky Butt


Minnie and BowWow Discuss Complications of Surgery

BowWow: What’s the story with the thing on your head?

Minnie: It’s not a thing. Its a cone. The vet said I had to wear it for a while. 263 more words

Talking Dogs

New Technology Gives Dogs The Ability To 'Talk' - Petcha

This is so cool! Sometimes I wish my animals could talk to me. And then maybe at times I wouldn’t! :-D Anyway I have to share this. 78 more words

Just Love These Kinds Of Stories

Minnie and BowWow Discuss Graduation

¬†BowWow: ¬†Hey, look, Minnie! I got me a friggin’ PHD.

Minnie: It’s just a license plate, BowWow. A weird coincidence on a license plate. 324 more words

Talking Dogs