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On Disbelief and Culture Skepticism of Media: The Pleasantville Problem

The term blind believer is popularly used to describe an ignorant person. Typically, this ignorant believer is seen as backwards, an unwillingness to listen or comprehend contradictory thoughts, and obnoxiously loud. 2,347 more words


Madness in this world

So much madness in this world

So much that I can’t ignore

Censorship disguised as free press

Talking points for the mindless

Connect the dots to villainize… 15 more words


Let's Talk About Blog Fatigue #Discussion #Bloggers #BookBlogging

Blog Fatigue, writer’s block, lack of motivation…

whatever you want to call it, I’m tired! And I wonder if it is just me?

Maybe because it has been a difficult summer for my family, or maybe because it has been well over a year since I started Reads & Reels, who knows but I have slipped into a funk when it comes to writing. 333 more words

SDCC 2017 Roundup

With San Diego Comic Con done for another year, we have put together a quick round up and review of all the big talking points. 754 more words

Talking Point

Talking Point- It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.

You may have seen this book lying around in Urban Outiftters, topshop or in the self-help, careermove sort of areas of Waterstone’s. But is it actually as helpful as it says it is? 567 more words

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Death Predictions

This article is dark and full of Spoilers.

With time ticking out on Game of Thrones and with many characters still alive, it’s only a matter of time before the body count begins to rise. 741 more words

Talking Point

Talking Point: The Forward Book of Poetry 2017

Welcome to this new innitiative of mine named Talking Points, which will consist of loose reviews and a general thoughts to which various entertainment wil lead me. 372 more words