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Greetings from the Wicket Gate

In case you’re wondering where that is, here’s a short explanation.  As Magister so rightly pointed out, everywhere I go is the Land of Pilgrims, but I’m definitely in a different geographical spot than I was a week ago.   723 more words

Prayer for the Body of Christ 8/4

Father God, please meet us in our waiting and sustain us there. Please let your work in us bring us through to the other side with deeper humility, stronger character, and greater reliance on you.

In Jesus’s name,


Health and Autoimmunity, Wholeness and Belief, but not through the norm...

So, this has been a journey, to say the least. We have 4 daughters, 4 pets and a betta fish; for some, the fish is a pet.

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Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth


We don’t really talk about shootings anymore, we talk about another shooting, another bombing, another loss of what could have been.  Our hearts fill and our stomachs empty at having another death before we’ve truly internalized the last one, before we’ve pulled our flags back to the tops of their staffs, before we’ve understood what happened.   774 more words

Encouraging Ourselves Through Truth Talk

Lately I’ve been focuing on the the truth that Jesus is the vine and I am a branch. This means that I’m connected directly to Him. 287 more words

My Life