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May I Speak with the Owner?

Churches are not exempt from getting telephone calls from solicitors. These callers often do not know that they have dialed the number of a church, and their standard sales pitch does not quite fit the situation. 218 more words

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Pointing To God

As moms I’m sure others think about this or even worry about are we pointing to God enough to our children? I know I do. Because let’s face it as moms we’re the other and also dads who show our children who God is. 96 more words


The ripples are mine

There was a man.  An ordinary man.  He lived a life as any other.  This man was nothing special.  Just an ordinary man.  He sat in peace with his Maker.  593 more words

137- I Am Called to Mothering

137- I Am Called to Mothering

December 27, 1984

Father I know You have more of me now. Something really happened in my will and in my heart–since my encounter with You last week. 339 more words

Walking By Faith

136- A Humbling Christmastime Revelation, part 2

136- A Humbling Christmastime Revelation, part 2

December 22, 1984–continued

The realization came to me that Jesus is a King who stepped down from glory for a time and went back to glory. 309 more words

Walking By Faith

Fire, Love, and God

I had a conversation with Love today it didn’t go so well
I told Love about Himself. What didn’t you know?  Yes, Love is male… 319 more words

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My 50th Birthday and My First Blog!

Today I turn 50. Well, my body turns 50 today. My mind and my heart have been coming to grips with this for months. I spent the summer turning 50. 633 more words