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40 More Days

I think that 40 days is a “special” amount of days.

Its the amount of days we can survive without food.

Its the amount of days Jesus was on the earth after he rose from the dead. 979 more words

A Conversation with God

I said unto the Lord, “God I love you so much.  I will do anything you ask me to.  I will go anywhere in your name.  246 more words


Waiting for Inspiration

I have a lot of writerly friends (we find each other, somehow) and one in particular who is kind of a machine.  He’s written a ton of stuff in several different veins and I’m doing some freelance editing for him as he (finally) gets toward publishing some of it.   875 more words

Reflections on Prayer (Part 1)

Prayer is an essential part of both the private Christian life and the church’s corporate worship. In this interview series, RTB editor Maureen Moser and I discuss the ins and outs of prayer. 844 more words


Making Your Prayers More Specific

This ran here a year ago, but I wanted to return to it in case you missed it. This is a genuine weakness in my own prayer life; we read or speak a ‘laundry list’ to God of names without any qualification of what it is we’re asking. 430 more words


The Art of Losing the Dead

I left work early yesterday because I got sick.  I went out to lunch and something disagreed with me—out out out, said my body, vehemently pushing against this unknown intruder.   1,084 more words

Talking to God

Talking to God is most often called “praying”. And, as soon as that word is mentioned, many people start talking in “thees” and “thous”. Unless that’s your normal pattern of speech, forget it. 399 more words