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No Wilderness, No Revelation

This past weekend was a rather interesting weekend for me. You see, I went camping. This was not just any camping trip however. It was my first solo trip. 709 more words


When I Talk to God

When I Talk to God

Recently, my son called me from his car while my three-year-old grandson was riding in the backseat. He was using a hands-free receiver with the speaker on so Benji could talk to me, too. 579 more words


​God Calls Me Silly Girl

Sometimes my thoughts weaves an intricate picture. I imagine myself seated at a park or bank of a placid lake. I don’t seat alone; he’s with me. 549 more words


Is this love? Q4

Okay then God –

Three questions in – and the reflections and conversations have been revealing. But as we move to question four, I have a question that is so simple it hardly seems worthy of bringing to You. 550 more words

A Very Transparent Prayer

I prayed to you this morning, Father. I pray it seems these days constantly, but my mind is also distracted by some of the shadows of my past, and I find myself frustrated with this – entirely exhausted and quite breathless – because I yearn for peace and rest. 1,396 more words


38- Appealing to the Father

38- Appealing to the Father

January 2, 1979  Since I went to the doctor two weeks ago, I have been counting contractions daily because he said six means trouble. 420 more words

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Why Pray? Why Meditate?

Today I’m thinking about prayer and meditation, and how it opens my soul to receive from God those bits of information about me and my world that are most helpful in navigating that world. 653 more words