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People of the Books: The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

“How on earth, Christiana, does this book belong on a blog about Christian spirituality?  It’s only an old nursery tale about a rabbit.  There’s no mention of God anywhere.” 989 more words

Talking To God

Talking to God

Sometimes its a bit of a one sided relationship

Bearing my soul
Telling Him everything
Asking for help
Then leaving it all at His feet… 69 more words


On Barb's Bookshelf: Talking to God by Julie Cragon

Get your hands on this new prayer book by Julie Cragon, but don’t read it all the way through.

That’s not what Talking to God… 277 more words

Book Review

Prayer: A waste of time?

“Look, Dennis I appreciate you and all that you and your family do for our neighbourhood, but I just don’t believe in God, and I don’t believe prayer accomplishes anything, and so I’d really rather not talk about any of that stuff.” Thankfully, his confession of unbelief did not deter our friendship in the least and soon we were making plans to take our sons on an overnight canoe/camping trip. 411 more words

Good Stories

Talking to God


Jesus promises to give me

“treasures hidden in the darkness.”

This means that things I’ve experienced

that were sad…or bad

are turning into topics of conversations I’m having with God.

67 more words
Hidden Things

Jumping Off Cliffs

The West Wing is one of my favorite TV shows ever; I love the writing, love the pacing, love the casting, love the challenge, love the applicability of it.   989 more words

Prologue - Evolution of Spirituality

In order to write what I plan to, I need to set down a basis of what I experienced a long time ago that I no longer talk about. 2,980 more words