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VIDEO: Teaching and Talking To Kids About Politics 2016

The 2016 election cycle is giving a lot of people heartburn, especially parents left with the daunting task of explaining the constant controversies, the name calling and questionable “adult” language to their kids. 210 more words

Elementary School

Matching up the eyes.

The littlest WideEyedFunk was holding his head in his hands when I saw him in the living room. Spent, frustrated, and angry, he stared at his new bike helmet laying on the floor. 344 more words


Communicating with Children Positively and Effectively

Any parent, teacher, older sibling or babysitter knows how difficult it can be to communicate with children.  Regardless of their age, children always seem to have some sort of roadblock on the pathway to open and understanding communication… 604 more words


Questions for Connection

When the calendar turns to June, my mind turns full steam into counselor training mode. I can’t help it. After 31 years of preparing counselors for their summer working with kids at camp, I can’t help but be über-focused on tools to help prepare them to be engaged with campers, thrive at camp, and grow as leaders. 418 more words

Parenting Tips

Watch What You Say

She says:

When our kids were younger and they’d get all snippy with each other or with us, I’d pull out my mantra: “Anything you have to say, can either be said in a kind way or in a mean way. 628 more words


I for I've got mail


Courier for AAJ. 

A letter arrived today in mail and dad has sent me one from the airport using Indian Postal Service. Snail mail as it is called these days is a dying art like thing in India and we don’t know how long it would be active. 160 more words

sucker-punched by a 4 year old

There I am, innocently getting Baby Brother dressed, immersed in a pleasant talk about his toenails, when Big Sis wanders in and asks, “Mommy, what does it feel like when a baby comes out of your tummy?” Oh NO. 301 more words