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Kids of All Stages

Carolyn Hax is an advice columnist for The Washington Post. I read her column every day. I love advice columns, because no matter what’s going to shit in my life, these people always have it way worse. 1,515 more words


What I Say versus What They Hear

1. I say, “Ok boys, it’s time to start getting dressed now please.”

They hear: Adam, I want you to grab your big brother’s underpants and run around the house swinging them around your head and giggling. 406 more words

Day To Day

How to Talk to Your Kids about Home Security

Talking to your children about home security can be a tricky matter because, depending on their ages, they may not really understand what you are trying to say. 376 more words


Why I write

Why I write

I have never been a writer. My two best friends in high school had to proofread my love notes because I was so terrible at spelling and punctuation. 642 more words

Gastric Bypass

Changing The Perceptions of Divorced Dad

Last week I wrote about the perceptions of divorced parents and in particular divorced dads and how they’re viewed or judged on a daily basis. As I read the e-mails and comments from readers I started reflecting on the overall view of divorced dads and fathers in general. 631 more words


Don't HIT SPANK YELL No Time Out - What Then?! - Parenting, there's a book for that

I just did a search for “parenting books” on Amazon and got this:

124,664 results for “parenting books”

That’s A LOT of information. Overwhelming anyone? It is for me.  714 more words

"Books For Siblings Fighting"

Family Dinner Discussions: How to talk about politics, drugs, poop and bad jokes.

Dinner time and weekend breakfasts are great. When you all sit and eat and talk about stuff together. With all the kids there. My kids have grown older so they spend less time with me now. 726 more words