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Strategies for Behavior

I’ve been reading How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen So Kids will Talk. It’s by the same folks that wrote Siblings without Rivalry… 585 more words

Family Life

Howe To...Prevent Your Kids from Spilling the Beans

Hailey’s grandparents and aunt took her and her cousins to the aquarium yesterday. When they picked Hailey up in the morning, my almost 3-year-old nephew’s first words to me were, “My daddy farts. 997 more words


Breakfast with a Five Year Old

Logan: Mom, I wish you woulda named me something cooler, like Captain America!

Me: Well, it’s just that there already is a Captain America, so we thought Logan would be better. 28 more words

Howe To...Say What You Mean

Hailey’s best friend in the whole world is her cousin Grayson. Even at the tender ages of 4 and 2 1/2, respectively, they seem to complement each other perfectly. 561 more words


iPhone Hangups

Does your child have a phone? Are there rules? Time limits? Text spot checks?

I once wrote about how different it is today than twenty or thirty years ago when there was ONE family phone in the hallway. 397 more words


Kids of All Stages

Carolyn Hax is an advice columnist for The Washington Post. I read her column every day. I love advice columns, because no matter what’s going to shit in my life, these people always have it way worse. 1,515 more words


What I Say versus What They Hear

1. I say, “Ok boys, it’s time to start getting dressed now please.”

They hear: Adam, I want you to grab your big brother’s underpants and run around the house swinging them around your head and giggling. 406 more words

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