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Watch What You Say

She says:

When our kids were younger and they’d get all snippy with each other or with us, I’d pull out my mantra: “Anything you have to say, can either be said in a kind way or in a mean way. 628 more words


I for I've got mail


Courier for AAJ. 

A letter arrived today in mail and dad has sent me one from the airport using Indian Postal Service. Snail mail as it is called these days is a dying art like thing in India and we don’t know how long it would be active. 160 more words

sucker-punched by a 4 year old

There I am, innocently getting Baby Brother dressed, immersed in a pleasant talk about his toenails, when Big Sis wanders in and asks, “Mommy, what does it feel like when a baby comes out of your tummy?” Oh NO. 301 more words


Parenting - How to talk so kids will listen...

I am not a big reader on parenting books, as mostly our family set up works, common sense solves issues and talking with friends usually helps to realize that some issues are just normal even though I may get grey hair thinking about it. 905 more words

Food For Thought

Dear mommas ...

Dear mommas who are upset by the events of the past few days,

For those of you who have young children, below is a great article on how to talk with your children about the events of the last few days. 194 more words


8 Tips for Talking to Kids about Tragic News Events

First, our thoughts are with the people of Paris in the aftermath of Friday’s attacks. Not only is terrorism spreading across the world, it’s also bleeding into parenting along with today’s escalating tragic events. 448 more words


Remembering and Sharing

As parents there are certain conversations we dread: explaining divorce. Explaining sex. Explaining death.

They strike fear in our hearts and send shivers up our spines. 715 more words