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I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

Oooooooo!  Our Lady Amaryllis is sooooo close! 

I would have bet money that this plant would have bloomed over night last night, and it’s a good thing I didn’t.   83 more words


Almost There!

My lovely Amaryllis is blooming!  We knew it would happen soon.

This is what it looked like at around eleven o’clock this morning….

See?  Just peeping out, a little color showing.   77 more words


That Wild and Craaaaazy Amaryllis


Time to post an Amaryllis update, as this plant is taking off like a rocket!

On January first, I posted that the Amaryllis was sending up a new bloom shoot, which was just about two inches tall, and the foliage was even tinier, barely measurable. 178 more words


Doing The Right Thing: Confessions Of A Gardening Junkie

I just got lambasted by my dear friend and gardening guru, Mike, for being a selfish gardener.

Now, before you all jump to my defense, I’ll tell you this…Mike is a TRUE friend.   562 more words


All Tucked In For A Long Winter's Nap

My Friends, today was the day!

Today, I up and decided that it was time to take Senor Sergio Amigo, the community banana plant, out of the ground and put him to bed for the winter. 1,298 more words


Gyro-Gyro With Chauncey and Earl

I have always been a Diner waitress, by trade.  I’ve been doing it for somewhere between thirty five and…oh, about a hundred and twelve years now.   419 more words


There's A Fungus Amungus!

Oh, no!!!  Blight!

It is the scourge of the tomato garden, and it has, seemingly overnight, hit mine with a vengeance.

This season, I have not used fungicides, as I didn’t see a need for them.   668 more words