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Escape Route

Good afternoon!I am just getting home from my therapy session and I have some free time before I have to work.Btw,I just secured two more jobs so I have a grand total of FOUR occupations now ahahaahaha!Anyways,I wanted to talk a bit about my session with Eida-san. 211 more words


Mental Health Awareness: Why Talking Is My Greatest Challenge.

When it comes to socialising I’m not exactly the most effusive person to converse with. Often I’m perceived as somewhat of a miser, aloof to a point that I’d purposely seek out solitary reprieve from people. 602 more words


Honesty, curtains and Queer Eye

Deciding to say something and it actually turning out well. I feel closer to him again.

Almost finished the curtains!

Housemates (nearly) altogether, watching Queer Eye. Such an adorbs old man.


“one of my favorite things

is to have a three-hour conversation over coffee with someone. “

-andy grammer

image credit: wirecutter 6 more words


Baby's first steps, teeth and everything else

I think back to when my LO was around 4 months old, I was googling anything and everything. Trying to find out when she’d grow hair, when she’d get her first tooth, when she’d start crawling, when she’s start walking even. 491 more words

Small Talk

I find it intriguing,
The amount of small talk
In everyday life.
As if world hunger,
The epidemics of obesity
And depression,
Environmental deterioration,
And petty conflict… 16 more words