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Talknowledgy Episode #103: Binders full of women, EA gives away free games, a new YouTube record, and more!

This week we keep pace with the US Presidential candidates and look at the online reaction during, and after, Monday’s Town Hall debate. We chat about the new twitter handles ( 125 more words

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Talknowledgy Episode #100: Scuffgate, mySpace, Phil gets an iPhone, and more!

Phil and I start the show in the world of smartphones – Scuffgate, plus some good news for Google, and some less bad news for RIM (still bad, just less bad). 110 more words


Talknowledgy Episode #98: iPhone 5, fake sex site profiles, caught with pot, & more

The top story in this episode is the  largest tech story of the week – The iPhone 5 announcement. We take a look at the new features, upgrades, and how it stacks up to the competition. 229 more words

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Let the Podcasting begin...

…Well, not really begin, more like continue. Since 2010 I’ve been a weekly contributor to Talknowledgy, a weekly social media and technology focused podcast. Earlier this month I was asked to become a permanent co-host. 157 more words

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A look at the new Klout score and features [Screenshots]

New Klout scores and features have rolled out through the month of August, and I think its a step in the right direction. From the beginning of Klout, there have been… 793 more words

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Are your tweets worth reading?...Probably not [Infographic]

For years now, my Twitter rule-of-thumb has been to always keep my audience in mind when I tweet. I often ask the question “how is this of value to my followers, or to the individuals I’m interacting with?” If I can see value, I send it; if it’s a bit weak, I think twice. 272 more words


The Social Media Clubhouse: MLB's new social media policy in action

The 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is just under way, and a growing number of the ballpark faithful are connecting with their home team like never before. 544 more words

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