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"This Eagerness to Change" ...with a roll of the dice ... "Such a Shame"


“The dice decide my fate, that’s a shame”

In 1984, UK pop band Talk Talk released their second album – “It’s my Life” from which the second single “Such a Shame” was taken in March of the same year (the first being the better known title track).  787 more words


"Tomorrow Started" but sadly Yesterday has Ended

Those of you who know me, are aware that I have recently started a large, retrospective project on the works of UK 80’s band Talk Talk… 376 more words


Sonos Radio Breaking Up, New Gmail Account, Adding Facebook App to Samsung (Android) phone, Talktalk email problem.

A regular client called me in to sort out several minor problems.

Their Sonos system was breaking up while playing radio stations. I suspect interference from their wireless printer, so we switched off the printer for a week to see if that helps. 101 more words

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How an ISP chooses to invade your privacy (whatever choice YOU make)

TalkTalk, my ISP, announced this the other day:

If you’ve been reading the news this week you might have seen some media coverage about how TalkTalk is using its filtering system, HomeSafe, to support customers concerned about inappropriate content on the internet.

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Today's Tesco

Tesco is in trouble – that is the word on the street!

If you read any of the press this week, you will see any number of reports that they are about to implode, that they are selling off the crown jewels and they will be down the toilet in months. 807 more words

TalkTalk Buys Blinkbox from Tesco

TalkTalk the telecoms and network provider have announced that they have purchased Blinkbox tv and movie streaming and rental service from supermarket retailer Tesco. The online service is not the only part of the deal that has been negotiated between the two companies though. 147 more words


What's next for Blinkbox?

[T]he name “Blinkbox” could soon be relegated to the history books. The Financial Times is reporting that TalkTalk will drop the brand entirely, as it looks to “fully integrate” the service with its TV offerings. 81 more words

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