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Coping with John ... A Perspective on a Talk Talk B-side by a fan


This time, we are doing a blog with a twist.  Instead of a straight review, discussion of the facts, we are delighted to welcome long-time Talk Talk fan, Thomas Lohuis, who has very kindly agreed to give us his perspective on this firm fan favourite.  1,251 more words


Hey Mr Mirror Man, "Does Caroline Know?"

“Maybe when the heat’s away you’re fine
To put another drink away is out of line, out of line”

When Talk Talk went into studio to record their second album, they did so in the knowledge that they would inevitably garner the same damning feedback which they so stoically received for their first affair, 1,153 more words


"All you do to me is Talk Talk", but it's a moot point.

Retrospectively speaking …

If often amazes me when I read reviews of bands/artists/musicians from back in the day.  I read the content and wonder if the review has been mistitled?  1,303 more words


TalkTalk offers 18 months' free broadband with a £50 Love2shop deal

TalkTalk offers 18 months’ free broadband with a £50 Love2shop deal.

it is a good bargain… and u might even get a reduced rental if u offer to pay the whole year at once instead of monthly. 250 more words

Mark Hollis - On Music 1998 ( A Transcript)

“Some Important Lessons On Music”, by Mark Hollis – taken from an interview with Danish TV, 22nd February 1998.

When Mark Hollis brought out his only solo album (to-date), he gave this interview with a Danish TV station.  1,053 more words

Factual Music

"Name the Crime I'm Guilty of"

In 1982, Talk Talk were a four-piece made up of Lee Harris (Drums), Paul Webb (Bass Guitar), Simon Brenner (Keyboards) and Mark Hollis (Vocals).  Hollis was the band’s lyricist, also composing the bulk of the melodies for the album’s songs.  656 more words


"I didn't want to lose it on the two" ... 'Renee' ... Throw that Ace

Track 3, on the 1984 Talk Talk album, “It’s my life”, is the soulful “Renee”.

It was never released as a single, but was included in the EMI 1990 reissue of the album’s title track, “It’s my Life”, when the two songs compiled a 7″ single.  732 more words

Factual Music