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Today I’m planning to review all the courses that I took about korean language. so I think I want to talk about this language in today’s post : D… 856 more words


one step closer to your oppa

The korean pop music has spread throughout Asia, and PH is one of those countries na sobrang nahumaling talaga. Right? Not only boybands and girlbands, even kdramas managed to win our hearts. 912 more words


Une minute de coréen - J'ai changé d'avis.

반말 (informel) :

맘 바뀌었어 = J’ai changé d’avis. (littéralement : Mon esprit/idée/intention a changé)
생각이 바뀌었어 = J’ai changé d’avis. (Mes pensées ont changées) 53 more words


Une minute de coréen – Je ne pense pas.

반말 (informel) :

아닌 것 같은데. = Je ne pense pas.

전댓말 (formel) :

아닐걸요 = Je ne pense pas. Ce n’est probablement pas vrai. 21 more words


Une minute de coréen - C'est ce que je dis !

반말 (informel) :

내 말이 그 말이야. = C’est ce que je dis.

내 말이 !  = Exactement ce que je pense ! (littéralement : Mes mots !) 16 more words


My Role Model, A Fellow Canadian

Just saw this dude on Youtube, f-ing awesome!  His name is Sam Blackwell.

The video was done by Hyunwoo Sun, who runs the www.talktomeinkorean.com website.