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Of mattress, tires and Cruise ships

As we prepare for our impending move to PEI, we now have a new 3 bedroom apartment and will now have for the first time in five years an actual bona fide guest room with guest bathroom, we ordered furniture for that guest room and bought over the phone, long distance, a mattress yesterday. 731 more words

International Tall Ships Festival (2013)

Ships ahoy!  The tall ships were in town for the festival.  The fleet sailed into Auckland Harbour on the 25th of October to dock for four days on the Queens and Princes wharves. 44 more words


Travel Photo of the Month: April 2016

Nothing says summer like midsommar in Sweden. Since we’re ending April and springing into summertime shortly, I had to share one of my favorite photos from 2007. 82 more words


Tall Ship Tours

There’s always something interesting to see on the Great Lakes. “Tall ship season” will soon begin. Search Google for Tall Ship Tours to find the port closest to you that will have one of these beauties on display.


Expand your vocabulary and have a drop of whiskey at the same time.

I was lucky: the day was full of summer promise with a blue sky all the way from Dublin to Cork.

Then onto the little two-carriage train out of Cork to the Distillery at Midleton. 268 more words