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Bowthruster frames ....

Near the bow thruster, multiple frames are required where planks can be fastened below and either side of the tunnel opening.

Alma Doepel

Dove-tailing frames ....

Previous photos have shown some frames which are continuous from one side of the hull to the other, passing between the keel and keelson. This ties both sides of the hull together for increased strength. 85 more words

Alma Doepel

More reclaimed wharf timbers ....

Reclaimed wharf timber is still available and is being used to make the laminated frames or the straighter frames sections. These pieces have large dumps or deck spikes that need to be removed.  93 more words

Alma Doepel

Star of India's magical holiday lights at night.

San Diego’s beautiful, historic tall ship Star of India is decorated for the holidays with hundreds of magical lights. They were strung along masts, yards and rigging a couple weekends ago. 164 more words

A dramatic sunset from Star of India.

This evening I enjoyed watching the sun set as I rested for a few minutes on the always amazing Star of India. The brilliant sunset behind slanting ropes made for a few dramatic photographs. 37 more words

A new deck for the beautiful HMS Surprise!

The HMS Surprise at the Maritime Museum of San Diego is getting a brand new deck! During my Sunday visit I noticed that replacement of the old deck is well underway! 257 more words