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Stern cover boards ....

The stern cover boards have been repaired and have been laid out on the deck for several months. The shipwrights have commenced laying the boards back to their correct positions. 57 more words

Alma Doepel

Old markings ....

Old markings on the inside of a plank that has been removed from the hull and is now being reused. As this is an original plank, I guess that these markings were made by the shipwrights who built the ship 114 years ago. 32 more words

Alma Doepel

Re-using hull planks ....

Many hull planks are able to be repaired and used again but not as planks. The sound timber has all metal removed and the holes drilled out. 60 more words

Alma Doepel

More frames ....

Two large pieces of reclaimed timber being shaped as replacement frames.

Three more frames ready for fitting to the hull – photographed Saturday the 11th of November. 92 more words

Alma Doepel

Mysterious night photos aboard Star of India.

Night watch aboard the tall ship Star of India. I walked the deck alone…

A murmur of unseen water.

A web of mysterious shadows on every side. 48 more words

Bow comparison ....

Two photos taken 3 weeks apart ( 7/10/17 and 28/10/17 ) illustrating the progress being made by the shipwrights and volunteers.  Several port bow frames and ceiling boards have been removed and the chain locker and forward crew cabin have both been refurbished while easily accessible.

Alma Doepel

Framing progress ....

Several port frames aft of the bow thruster have been replaced with new laminated frames. Great to see the bow taking shape on both sides of the hull. 113 more words

Alma Doepel