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A Large Piece Of Grey, Steel Lump

On 3rd September the second year cadets of Turkish Naval Academy boarded TCG Bayraktar for a 20 day training cruise in the Black Sea.

318 Turkish students and 7 guest students from South Korea, Albania, Senegal, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Azerbaijan will sail through the Black Sea and visit Varna Bulgaria, Poti Georgia, Trabzon Turkey. 490 more words

Turkish Navy


Years(decades) have gone by since I took these slides. Perspective. So many choices. So little time. Huh? You got all the time you want. Take as many images as you want. 214 more words

New York

Another old frame removed ...

Photo above was taken on Saturday 25th August showing an old frame where the supporting timber blocks were situated, with the remnants of 3 planks attached. 15 more words

Alma Doepel

Framing continues ....

This series of seven photos shows the process of making a frame ready to fit to the hull. Laminates of hardwood ( similar to fence palings in profile ) are stacked and sealed in a  vinyl wrap, steam is pressured into the vinyl bag and the stack is bent into a pre-determined shape. 81 more words

Alma Doepel

Some more ex-wharf timber has been obtained and is being assessed for where best to use it on the Alma Doepel. Photo below shows some already scarfed into sections of the foreward deck beams. 9 more words

Alma Doepel

Stem repairs ....

Some repairs need to be done to the stem – graving pieces are being made for the spaces left when some fittings were removed. Also the second photo shows many holes where small nails have been removed. 48 more words

Alma Doepel

Original breasthook ....

One of the original breasthooks has been removed, checked for any flaws, primed and repainted and is now ready to be refitted to the hull. With the foredeck lifted, it is easier  to inspect and maybe remove the timbers like deck beams and breasthooks. 32 more words

Alma Doepel