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Framing progress ....

Several port frames aft of the bow thruster have been replaced with new laminated frames. Great to see the bow taking shape on both sides of the hull. 113 more words

Alma Doepel

Oil painted sails from the end of Broadway Pier.

Dozens of beautiful sails out on San Diego Bay yesterday. In the afternoon I sat at the end of Broadway Pier and lazily snapped photos. 108 more words

More recycled wharf timber ....

Several packs of donated reclaimed wharf timber have arrived at Shed 2.  Each piece of timber is inspected by sight for any metal like bolts and nails and after any sighted metal has been removed, two people independently metal detect all sides of the timber with a scanner. 93 more words

Alma Doepel

More restored knees ....

When the stern decking was lifted to inspect the deck beams and the 2 carlings beside the Master’s cabin, several lodging knees were found the need repairing. 47 more words

Alma Doepel

Frame production ....

Frames being constructed to exact lengths, widths and thickness ready to be fitted to the bow section of the hull. 32 more words

Alma Doepel

Attention to detail ....

On a ship this size it is the large tasks, like planking the hull or building spars, that notice the most. However the volunteers for many years have been finishing hundreds of small but essential “small” jobs. 55 more words

Alma Doepel