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Summer Brights with Pretty Tall Style

6ft4″ Tanasha from Pretty Tall Style always lights up our day with her gorgeous smile and bold colours.

This season Tanasha tried three of our brightly coloured summer dresses and here’s what she thinks of them… 732 more words


The Refrigerator

That’s the dining room. There’s not supposed to be a refrigerator in there. Yep, I’m still stressing over my mistake on measuring for a new refrigerator. 170 more words

Adult Siblings

One Size Fits All

I don’t fit. Or maybe it’s that things don’t fit me.  I’m a five-foot-twelve-inch (think about it) woman in a 5’6” woman’s world.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m somewhat more comfortable talking with other woman sitting down together rather than standing in a group, since the latter arrangement has the conversation hovering several inches below my ears, and I find myself slumping a bit. 358 more words

Other Stuff

As Seen On a Size 16

Models are beautiful, slim and have their make up done by professionals.  It’s their job to look polished.  The rest of us mere mortals grab 5 minutes in the morning to get get dressed and hope the creases fall out.   353 more words


Will you PLEASE stop commenting on my height or asking how tall I am!

I wish people would SHUT UP about my height. Once again:

“I saw you yesterday and noticed how tall you were. How tall are you?” – random person waiting for the elevator… 123 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Short Man Dating Tall Woman Dies In Climbing Accident

A real estate broker from Cincinnati, OH fell to his death while climbing a step stool to hug his much taller girlfriend.

Belchen suffered his fatal spill when he tumbled from the top step of this wooden stool and smashed his head on a concrete floor, snapping his neck. 222 more words

style file - autumn jeans

just when you’ve gotten into the habit of shaving your legs and working on your tan autumn comes along to revert you back into your hairier, paler self… 18 more words