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Tall + Breastfeeding + Wedding = Fashion Nightmare

Breastfeeding is amazing. Don’t get me wrong it’s tough, really tough but I have loved my breastfeeding journey, which I’ll write about separately at some point. 659 more words


Skinny malinky long legs, not so big banana feet!

Despite my height, my shoe size is a UK7. Some may say this is quite small for being tall but thankfully I’ve not found them an issue so far…although I have been known to fall over for no apparent reason. 231 more words


Wow, you're tall...

If only I had a pound for every time anyone’s ever said that to me! Talk about stating the obvious. I’m pretty sure at times those words have been an insult, a compliment, said out of genuine shock or just passing comment. 286 more words


Octavia E. Butler- Lilith's Brood

Well, I finally finished Lilith’s Brood by Octavia E. Butler and it was a BIG one. This whopper comes in at 746 pages and let me tell you, it uses small print! 427 more words

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Tall Woman

I’m about to answer a question that I know has been eating at some of you for a while…

Just how tall is Alison?

Well, friends, I’m 6′1 (according to the doctor’s office) and it’s been.. 758 more words


Body Representation

Do you feel represented? This is not only for plus size women but all women. Ladies do you feel like you are not being represented in the media. 222 more words


Summer Elegance: Staying Chic Yet Cool

Hello Beautiful People!!!

Hope you are getting a great jump on what seems to be a super hot summer, literally.  I am not complaining about the amazing sunrises, or the beautiful colors but I can truly do without the sweating. 372 more words

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