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Yesterday, my family and I went to the Bangor Comic Con. It’s the second year of its existence and like last year, we have a good time gawking at some of the famous people (Nichelle Nichols!), but even more fun “ooo-ing and ahh-ing” over the folks in cosplay.  1,036 more words

Introducing Myself - A VERY tall girl!

Recently, I was interviewed by a devastatingly handsome man, who was sadly all of about 5’6” and to me, looked frankly Lilliputian.

As I rose from my seat to shake his hand, his expression changed from initially quite amiable to clearly horrified. 453 more words


Head Over Heels in Lifts

Even when I was a happily married man with no intentions of ever joining a dating site, I was familiar with the concept of “catfishing.” It’s the main complaint among millennial men who try online dating: that the women don’t actually look like what they advertise in their photos, either because the photos were taken years ago, have been digitally altered, or are of different people. 2,241 more words

Bright Copper Kettles & Warm Woolen Mittens

Dagnabbit! Good grief! Heavens to betsy! Rats! Jiminy Cricket!

I read an article from Real Simple today and in a small area it told it’s readers to “bring back gentle swears”. 638 more words

Tall Girl Problems 101

We don’t have to do much to stand out in a crowd, see clear across the room, or reach things off the top shelve. It’s not a problem reaching in the back seat to grab your purse with out taking our eyes off the road, or reach out for our food in the drive-thru if we pulled up a bit too far from the window. 244 more words