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Travel Saturday

I am traveling from Tallinn, Estonia to Stockholm, Sweden today. Thus, I am not able to produce “This week in Sweden” today. I intend to make a “Last week in Sweden” when I am back in Oslo, Norway in a few days. 7 more words

Turkey Day, A World Lost in Time, and Singing Too Loud

I’ve spent the last week and a day having quite the adventure! Now I’m finally sitting still, waiting for my water to boil so I can drink some tea, and reflecting on just how amazing it’s been. 909 more words

Finland Adventures

Doors Of Tallinn

The old town of Tallinn is the best preserved medieval city in northern europe. With its cobbled streets and charming architecture, it’s heaven for photographers and anyone who enjoys a stroll in a mystical mesmerizing historical area. 91 more words

Travel Diaries

7 Good Things About [Tallinn]

Tallinn is a lively City. It is not because its people are friendly and charming, although some Estonians are. The City is beautiful and you will meet travellers walking round in Old Town. 231 more words

Broke student's guide to museums in Tallinn

When it comes to museums, Tallinn is a place to be, especially for a broke student like me:)  Here is a short guide that might be useful to you. 616 more words


International Adventures: Tallinn

This was my last weekend trip for my student abroad experience; the only other trip I have planned is my two-week jaunt to Germany and Austria. 2,300 more words

Study Abroad

Ресторан-бар Manna La Roosa

Не каждый бар может быть рестораном, не так ли? Ресторан-бар Manna La Roosa для меня остается просто баром, поскольку еда в этом месте не удается поварам никак. 612 more words