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St Olav

The spire of St Olav’s church is very dominant on the Tallinn skyline, although I didn’t take any pictures of it.  In total it is 123.7m tall, more than half of which is a copper clad roof.   139 more words


Mextonia Festival - Uniting Cultures Through Color. June 14-22, 2017. Tallinn, Estonia. Silver Seeblum.

Mextonia is the festival of “Transgrafiti Muralism” that celebrates deep cultural roots of Estonia, through murals created in public walls by Transgrafiti artists, as a gift from Mexico to Estonia. 193 more words

Street Art

A Luxurious Past

Had I stayed in Tallinn, Estonia thirty years ago, I would have been required to stay, like all foreigners, in the luxurious, Finnish-built Hotel Viru. I would have been well attended since the KGB agents working in the unmarked top floor would have been suspicious of the ‘dangerous’ American in town. 297 more words


Tallinn Music Week

Music in Estonia isn’t limited to celebrations of its strong tradition of choral music. The capitol city of Tallinn puts on Tallinn Music Week, a weeklong festival in March/April showcasing all forms of contemporary music, the arts, theatre, food and architecture using the city’s bookstores, bike shops, art galleries, bakeries, tech incubators, home decoration stores and shopping centers as venues. 29 more words

Destinations And Tips

What I learned about Tallin that I couldn’t have found out from a guidebook.

Following my trip to the World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki, I took a side trip to Tallinn to do some research for my novel-in-progress ‘The Amber Crown’ set in an analogue of the Baltic States in a time period roughly equivalent to the mid 1600s. 1,223 more words


Public tranportation in Tallinn

Tallinn’s public transportation services include buses, trolleys, trams, trains and even vessels, and it is well organized, quite reliable and punctual. So in order to use all of these, there are certain steps you need to make and some tools that will make your life easier. 1,415 more words


Hitchhiking from Tallinn to Prague

1642 km, only, if you go from one town to another, and not make any stop to watch and appreciate what is in between. We made 26 stops, sat in 19 different cars, met 25 very interesting and special soul, just to finally reach the destination, the room of my best friend, who at the time lived in Prague. 890 more words

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