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Day Trip to Tallinn

It’s Friday morning, the Little Messers are playing with water in the bathroom and I’m enjoying a (fairly) peaceful cup of coffee after a much needed long sleep last night. 376 more words


Tallinn - something to Skype home about 

While I was in Finland around 8 months ago, I decided that it’d be nice to pop into Tallinn, Estonia for a day. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that prior to arriving in Helsinki, I had no clue that Estonia was actually close to Finland (I had some uneducated impression that it was south near Spain). 476 more words


What these people did in Talinn will shock you...

No! Promise I won’t use such titles, EVER.What you see here are experiences, true and pure, representing reactions to events and descriptions of really awesome places , sights, and events experienced by a bunch of monkeys who have lived in Estonia for a long time (Yes, we survived the winter and Summer is our favorite day of the year too! 84 more words


The Baltics: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: July 2016

From Norway, we took a quick flight to Helsinki, “the daughter of the Baltic”. We stayed three nights at the Hotel Arthur, near the Central Train Station (designed, by the way, in the 1910 by the father of the architect who designed the St Louis Arch, JFK terminal, and Dulles Terminal). 1,280 more words


Window reflection in Tallinn

Admiring the knitted things in a window in Tallinn I also caught a reflection as well. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.