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First Trip of 2017: Curing my Travel Fever with some European Flair

Travel Fever – we all know what it feels like. And what better way to cure it than to start booking away a few trips here and there? 836 more words


Tallinn Rehberi

Baltık ülkelerinden Estonya’nın başkenti Tallinn, benim de birkaç aylık yurtdışı deneyimimin son durağıydı.

Tallinn’e nasıl gidilir?

İstanbul’dan Tallinn’e karşılıklı uçuş seferleri var ama Tallinn’e gidecekseniz Helsinki’den kalkan feribotları denemelisiniz. 856 more words



A dump of all that I took with me this August traversing through some parts of Europe and of some others as well. Took time to organise all this, see which ones are presentable enough. 20 more words

Street Art

Tallin | Estonia |

It’s a cool summer morning as I walk down the streets of Tallin’s old town. The wide street is cut up torn out as construction workers fill in and relay each brick one by one, the sound of vehicles beeping is the soundtrack of the town with bright orange and yellow being the official color at the moment. 636 more words

Female Travel

Travel Tips: Tallinn

Travel:  We arrived by ferry in to Tallinn and the port is 10-15 minutes walk from the centre.

Accommodation:  The Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria (Viru väljak 4) is an extention to Tallinn’s first high rise block, the Hotel Viru.  500 more words


Walking the Walk

When I travel I like to get my feet on the ground and walk.  I pick up so much more walking than driving – to go with the sights come the sounds and the smells and the hum of the atmosphere.   78 more words


January in Estonia

I once read somewhere that January is the worst month of the year in Estonia and, well, I have to agree with that: it’s cold and dark, there isn’t much to do other than studying for a couple of exams if you didn’t take them all already, and the Christmas festivities are long gone. 880 more words