10 Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Tattoos for Every Relationship

It’s Valentine’s Day! (At least it was when this was written.) So we’re going to talk about romantic tattoos. A lot of people think the most romantic tattoo you can get is the name or initials of the person you love tattooed in a fairly public, seeable location on your body. 11 more words

10 Spectacular Deadpool Tattoos

It’s a comic geek’s dream come true! This weekend one of the most anticipated movies of the year hits theaters – Deadpool. If you haven’t heard about this film you must be living under a rock or entirely off the grid. 21 more words

Try Your Tattoo Before You Buy? Whaaaaat?

There is a new product on the market that could transform how many people shop for tattoos and assist those who are reluctant make a decision about a tattoo while also helping artists increase deposits, reduce cancelled appointments, and drive even more business to tattoo studios around the world. 16 more words

10 Beautifully Colorful Mardi Gras Tattoos

Who’s ready for beads, booze and boobs?! Mardi Gras is almost upon us and it’s time to don Carnival masks and body paint to partake in one of the most festive celebrations of the year. 28 more words

Horrifying Victorian Zombie Tattoos

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies one of the newest comedy horror zombie movies to hit the big screen, following in the footsteps of beloved titles such as Shaun of the Dead and Warm Bodies. 29 more words

10 Timeless Tattoos

Time is a reality we all have to live with whether we like it or not. It’s always around, speeding up and slowing down as we lose ourselves in our hobbies, work, family and friends. 28 more words

10 Insulting Questions Answered by Tattooed Parents

Ignorant negative stigmas die harder than Bruce Willis in Nakatomi Plaza. You’d think with the recent rise in tattoo popularity that people would reevaluate their prejudices against people with tattoos, but that doesn’t stop some people from opening their fat mouths when they see something they don’t agree with – like an office worker with … 7 more words