10 Flower Tattoos That Should be Scratch and Sniff

Flower tattoos maybe were not as popular in the 1970s or 80s, but they have become famously embraced on a mass scale over the past few decades. 36 more words

ladies amazing and eye-catching rib tattoos

Rib Piece Tattoos – As anyone who has one can attest, the ribs HURT! In spite of it being one the most painful places to get tattooed their popularity continues to grow, and it certainly hasn’t stopped these lovely ladies from adorning their sides with detailed and extensive tattoo work. 15 more words

Inside the Mind of a Tattoo Apprentice

Every artist starts somewhere and these days, IF you want to be a legitimate and respected practitioner in the field, that means earning your right to a tattoo machine through a tattoo apprenticeship.  28 more words

Six NEW Awe-Inspiring Black and Gray Tattoos

*In this blog, we are going to share some of the most amazing black and gray tattoos submitted recently by artists on TAM’s Instagram. Share YOUR work by tagging us and using #tattooartistmagazine!  29 more words

Seven Exquisite Full Back Tattoos

Tattoos on the upper back range can be from simple and modest, to those that hold great significance and are quite elaborate. They can even be tattoos that stand alone or they may be the foundation for a greater idea that is yet to come. 18 more words

Turn Heads with These Amazing Arm and Calf Tattoos!

Arm and calf tattoos have been popular for decades.  Some choose these areas because you can show off or cover up your tattoos easily and some choose to tattoo the arms and calf areas because the pain is minimal and very manageable.   21 more words

Jeremy Sutton on the opening of Electric Anvil Tattoo

By Nicki Kasper Tell us a little bit about your history in the tattoo industry… How long have you been tattooing?  What shops did you call home before opening Electric Anvil? 30 more words