Badass Crazy Skull Tattoos

Death and the human skeletal structure have fascinated people since the dawn of time. Skulls are often used as depictions of death, symbolically representing the end in many ways. 33 more words

Artist Sportlight – Bryan Merck

Bryan Merck @Bryan Merck Bryan Merck is a tattoo artist who works out of The Séance Tattoo Parlor in Bensalem, PA. He specializes in black-and-grey and color portrait realism tattoos and is clearly one of the best in the business. 25 more words

27 Awe-inspiring Sea Tattoos

The sea is a pretty important place for Earth and its residents. It contains 97.2% of the known water reserves on Earth, which is essential for life most lifeforms to live and thrive, and it covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. 19 more words

28 Die Hard Fans – Tattoos of Their Favorite Celebrities

A celebrity is someone with a large amount of fame and public attention who is often followed and admired by a large amount of people, either for how they live their life, what they do for a living or some major incredibly feat they’ve accomplished. 17 more words

Artist Spotlight – Christopher Brand

Christopher Brand  @cbrandworks Los Angeles, CA Christopher Brand is a major voice for positive change in tattoo culture and believes in bringing tattoos out of the grungy underground that many people view it as and shine a light on the positive nature of tattoos and tattoo culture. 16 more words

Totally Magical Disney Tattoos

You’ve seen tatted up Disney characters, the stunning Disney artwork of Tim Shumate and some of the most detailed Disney tattoos we’ve ever come across. You can never have too much Disney art though, can you? 28 more words

Amazing Bill Murray Tattoos

Bill Murray is a beloved movie star who has been in a variety of popular films since the 1970s. His list of accomplishes includes iconic roles in moves like Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Zombieland just to name a few. 24 more words