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The trigunas (Sattva, Raja, Tama) in relation to the Powers of Mind (Manashakti)

Our mind is very powerful. We will see how the three gunas or qualities act through the powers of the mind.

The Veiling Power: … 317 more words


Demonstrative pronoun as a locality detector

Finding the right tools to detect structural relations such as c-command and locality are essential for research in natural language syntax. Finnish offers a rare gem — the demonstrative pronoun — for this purpose that is rarely used or discussed and which I want to introduce here briefly. 312 more words


Tama Zoo

If you like zoos (and not everyone does), it might be worth the ride out to western Tokyo to enjoy the Tama Zoo. Though the Ueno Zoo is much more famous for its central location and panda exhibit, the Tama Zoo is more spacious and feels much less urban. 51 more words


The trigunas (Sattva, Raja, Tama) in relation to Vision (Drushti)

There is a saying: “As our vision, so the world appears to us”. This is true.
For example: when we like a person, we see only the good things in them but when we do not like a person, nothing about the person pleases us. 493 more words


Pristine Peaks in the Picos De Europa

Last month’s unexpected and awesome jaunt in the Dolomites has been closely followed by the training of the new Collett‘s staff in their two Spanish resorts; the… 429 more words


Is Food Security and Tobacco Growing Incompatible in Africa?

As published in Malawi by:
Reuben Maigwa
President of the Tobacco Association of Malawi (TAMA)

The SADC Regional Vulnerability Assessment estimates that an alarming 16% of the region’s population are food insecure. 942 more words