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Kindergarten bento - Grilled salmon again (13/Feb/17)

We had a busy weekend with no time for grocery shopping, and I had to reply on my freezer in a busy Monday morning. A frozen filet of salted salmon is very useful for this type of occasion, just chuck the frozen filet in the fish grill for 8 minutes or so. 18 more words

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Burger x Sushi, the First Homemade Japanese Burger in J-Town - Burgushi, Grogol

“I am burger obsessed and I love playing with the idea of what a burger can be for people. I make burgers out of everything from grains to seafood.

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Kindergarten bento - Hijiki rice (16/Jan/17)

Menu: Hijiki mixed in rice with scrambled egg in top, Cucumber/spinach/shirasu fish salad, Cherry tomatoes

Mandarin mikan for dessert

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Kindergarten bento - Healthy bento (20/Dec/16)

Menu: Grilled sawara (Spanish mackerel) in saikyo-miso, Roasted sweet potato, Steamed broccoli, Simple omelet (only with a pinch of salt), Cherry tomato, Rice

Apple mousse & banana for dessert… 151 more words

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一蘭 Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen @ Tokyo

For those who love Japanese ramen, 一蘭 Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen should not sound unfamiliar. Hailing from 博多 Hakata, Fukuoka, they are one of the the first to popularise this stye of ramen from the south characterised by a rich and creamy bone broth with branches all over Japan.  876 more words


Kindergarten bento - Tofu omelet (17/Nov/16)

Menu: Tofu omelet, Tori-soboro & veggies, Steamed cabbage, Salted cucumber slices, Rice with sesame furikake

Bunny shaped apples for dessert

Egg is a very handy ingredient for packed lunches. 130 more words

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