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TamaGO! AR Pet Raising App

After months of anticipation, we present to you, TamaGO! The Augmented Reality Pet Raising App!


TamaGO Week 12

We had problems with Vuforia not being what we wanted and now we’re running out of time. Decided to take the bull by its horns and start learning unity on my own. 91 more words


TamaGO Week 11

It’s been 2 weeks so here’s an update from me!

3D models are up and running! Completely rigged, IK-ed and UV-ed!

Also used UVs to portray emotion by changing up their faces! 34 more words


TamaGO Week 9

11th of October, just a month away from presentation.

Here’s some updates! Kinda started on Scruffy’s new 3D model and Ryan is working hard on Programming and Ling Ern is doing her 3D food! 13 more words


Interactive Week 7

Singapore Nightfest, ended about just a month ago, featured many prominent artist from all around the globe presenting various beautiful projection mapping installations.

It kind of got me thinking of the possibilities of projection mapping. 8 more words


Interactive Week 5

I think what the Health Promotion Board is doing is very smart. What they’re doing is intergrating old people to using technology for rewards and using technology that young people love to do something healthy with their lives. 41 more words