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Vegetarian Tamales

Tamales (pl.): masa-wrapped, cheesy-vegetable goodness cooked in a corn husk. The actual nomenclature is a hotly debated issue, but I will chalk it up to import error and just give y’all both terms! 1,004 more words


Y nos vamos a Colombia

July 20th is Colombian Independence day. In 1810, Colombia declared themselves independent from the Spanish Monarchy. From a quick wikipedia search, the story goes that Colombians used the excuse of wanting to borrow a vase from the Spanish Viceroy to first anger, then instigate a confrontation which led to the separation of the Colombian colonies with the Spanish Regency. 641 more words


Peru: Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Instead of going for a meal out at a normal Peruvian restaurant we changed it up a bit.  DC is known for their festivals and celebrations of many nations.   447 more words

Eating World Challenge 2015 Country Cuisine

Tamales. So good they come gift-wrapped.

It’s a coin toss. As to whether tacos or tamales are Mexico’s favorite comfort food. Except at this time of year when Candelaria is approaching. At this time of year, tamales are the clear favorites. 1,603 more words

the best visit esperada in the year - la visita de Juli; Part 1.0

…exactly!!! Gracias a mi amiga de Goethe y amigas de Alemania fueron mis dias ultima fin semana inolvidable; mi amiga de Alemania (Juli*  – tu me extrañas!) hace un viaje en Latinoamérika y hizo una parada en Bogotá – fue una oportunidad maravillosa para visiarme; Yoopie my visitor is there: 469 more words


Since You Insist...

This is for all those who insist on saying “tamale.” ‘Tis the season, y’all. Whether you eat a tamal or a dozen tamales, enjoy!


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Well, not exactly like a Christmas we normally think of in the US…

I must admit it is a bit strange that December is “summer” here in Costa Rica so it’s warm and sunny during Christmas.  857 more words

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