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Roadkill Pie

So after a complaint from Nigel Farage, GBBO 2015 decided to ditch ‘Europe Week’ in favour of ‘Free From Week’. Twitter reacted with predictable moans about how it was ‘boring’ and ‘not real baking’, but actually I thought the opposite. 565 more words

Corn Tamales

Tamales in my family, are always what can be only be referred to as ‘bien dados,’ a phrase with no literal translation but that can only mean large, chunky, well proportioned, will not leave you hungry. 833 more words

Mexican Food

The Bake Off and Me

Let’s talk about the Great British Bake Off. For those unaware, Bake Off or GBBO is a baking competition filmed and aired in Britain. It began in 2010 and is still going strong. 468 more words

Go Forth And Be An Adult

The Aunty Fights Back

Things I don’t understand about Mat. One – why did he keep making sea-lion noises at odd moments during the biscuit round? Two – why did he say, in a to-camera confidential as he whipped out a blue plastic ruler to ensure his biscotti displayed the expected uniformity ‘This is a classic Italian technique’? 655 more words

Beetroot Stu

So, GBBO returned to our screens last night; the hapless Stu got his marching orders and a textbook Madeira should boast a crevasse of cake-y invitation at its perfectly risen summit. 629 more words

Vegetarian Tamales

Tamales (pl.): masa-wrapped, cheesy-vegetable goodness cooked in a corn husk. The actual nomenclature is a hotly debated issue, but I will chalk it up to import error and just give y’all both terms! 1,004 more words


Y nos vamos a Colombia

July 20th is Colombian Independence day. In 1810, Colombia declared themselves independent from the Spanish Monarchy. From a quick wikipedia search, the story goes that Colombians used the excuse of wanting to borrow a vase from the Spanish Viceroy to first anger, then instigate a confrontation which led to the separation of the Colombian colonies with the Spanish Regency. 641 more words