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My Journey to a surf camp in Costa Rica

I’m not sure where to begin with this so I will start with how I decided to take this journey and how it led me to… 2,724 more words

Costa Rica

Last day in Tamarindo

Last full day in Tamarindo. A large brown bug has taken up residence high in a corner by the ceiling I ask Cath if we should do something about it but she says it’s not bothering anyone and we should leave it alone. 377 more words

Touring the coast

I’m feeling a little odd; maybe readjusting to travelling after having 2 weeks arranged for us, perhaps a touch of sadness as we are well past half way now and on countdown to our return. 826 more words

Serpentinas de Tamarindo - Tamarind Leather

The wealth of tamarindo sweets in Mexico speaks volumes of the Mexican love for complicated flavors. Tart, sour, sweet, it tastes of citrus, apricots, dates and a tannins heavy wine all at once. 367 more words


Casa Tamarindo Tropical - SOLD!!!

Located inside one of the trendiest projects Tamarindo has to offer… more info

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Yoga Rahasya de Nathamuni (Una fuente de inspiración)

Continúa de: Primeras Palabras

Es probable que objeciones nazcan a raíz de la autoría 
del Yoga Rahasya  que estamos publicando a Nāthamuni, 
ya que se cree una composición irremediablemente perdida. 158 more words
T. Krishnamacharya

The Robert August Surf n' Turf Charity Challenge April 15,16,17

The Robert August Surf & Turf Charity Challenge is the major fundraiser of the year and provides most of the needs for CEPIA’s after school program, which provides sports, English classes, tutoring, technology, arts and fun to more than 1000 children. 110 more words