Catharsis and demons: interview with Jude Ratnam

34 years after the eruption of a civil war waged by the majority-Sinhalese government and the militant groups representing the Tamil ethnic minority, activist and filmmaker Jude Ratnam directs… 1,118 more words

Black July

Cannes 2017 Review: Demons in Paradise

Tamil filmmaker Jude Ratnam’s personal look at the Sri Lankan civil war is a mixed bag. It’s first a worthy, emotive insight into a spiralling, internecine conflict which contained a dizzying catalogue of participants. 355 more words

The Reporters 28th June 2017


Guest: Farogh Naseem, Mahinda Rajapaksa
Former Sri Lanka president on how his country fought Tamil tigers
Will July prove crucial for government?


Prime Minister Trudeau photographed with former VP of group on Canada's terror list

TORONTO — A photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posing with Veluppillai Thangavelu, the former vice-president of a group on Canada’s list of outlawed terrorist organizations, has underscored the pitfalls of selfie politics. 541 more words


Dheepan ★★½

Sivadhasan (Antonythasan Jesuthasan) is a survivor of the Sri Lankan Civil War. As a Tamil Tiger soldier, he is forced to move to a refugee camp where he acquires the passport of a deceased man, Dheepan, and takes on his name. 508 more words

Sri Lanka versus LTTE: A Lasting Victory

Written by Elena Pokalova.

Victories over insurgent and terrorist groups are hard to achieve and harder yet to maintain. In 2009 Sri Lanka declared victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). 1,091 more words