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Being the Eldest of a Immigrant Brown Working Class Family

I’ve always admired my parents. They left their homes, and trusted their instinct to come to a whole new country to find new opportunities for themselves and their future. 468 more words

Thodari (2016)

It’s hard to decide exactly what Prabhu Solomon was aiming for with his latest release Thodari. Perhaps he wanted to make an old-style masala movie with a dash of everything as seasoning for an adventure storyline set on a speeding train?   1,024 more words


Tradition in the 21st Century

Hello Reader!

This post is going to be a little personal (which one hasn’t been so?) and quite short (now that‘s a surprise!) and a little giggly to me (girly Priya? 480 more words

Andavan Kattalai - humor within the order

This is probably the first time that I’m watching two movies consecutively from the same director. Interestingly, the movies are poles apart. While Kutrame Thandanai had restricted its audience as an intersection of art house parameters,  592 more words

Identity Crisis

There is comedy of errors. And then, apparently, there is comedy of identity. Manikandan has made the latter with well disguised tropes of the former. The opening credits flash in front of a deliberate 80s aesthetics graphics background. 398 more words



என்றோ எங்கோ கேட்ட குரல்
என்றோ எங்கோ கண்ட கனா
என்றோ எங்கோ உதிர்த்த வார்த்தை

கண் முன்னே நிகழும் தருணம்
உள்ளம் கொண்ட உவப்பின் அளவு
அளவீடுகளுக்குள் அடங்கிடுமோ

The voice heard someday somewhere, 28 more words


Allaudinum Arputha Vilakkum

There are so many great actors in Allaudinum Arputha Vilakkum. But you’d never guess they were that great just from watching it, if you catch my drift. 1,151 more words