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Honorable disrespect

A wife is calling a husband to dinner . Below are three general types of interactions that can happen : 1- positive, 2- neutral, 3- negative… 1,788 more words


An Ode To Rasam - Thakkali Paruppu Rasam

Rasam is one of those amazing dishes, and I am unashamed to admit that I can have a large serving of rasam with a small salad for a light dinner. 346 more words


Bernoulli numbers


உலகின் முதல் நிரல் இயற்றிய அரசி அடா லவ்லேஸ், (Bernoulli numbers) பெர்னொல்லீ எண்களை கணக்கிட்டார்! #Computing #AdaLovelace #Ezhil

Bernoulli number’s have the historic significance in computer programming – … 102 more words


Pondicherry: The Tale of the Beaches, Croissant and Nirvana...

When in Rome, be a Roman!

When in Pondy, be whatever the hell you want to be!  Pondicherry is one of those places which bring out the romantic in you; where your soul dances to the rhythm of nature. 621 more words


By M.S.M Ayub

COMMENT: It is doubtful whether the government has got its priorities right in respect of reconciliation, given the emphasis it has placed on matters pertaining to the Tamil diaspora.   955 more words


Petition "Certify Sri Lankan Government's committed war crimes and Genocide" + THE TAMIL'S "REMEMBERANCE DAY FOR THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR FREEDOM" 27/09/2015, + "THE HISTORICAL CENTRE" 15/11/15 + PETITION

Please sign petition “Certify Sri Lankan Government’s committed war crimes and Genocide”  


Below, articles including the demo commemorating “Black Friday”  24 July 1983, being against the massacre of scores of  Sri Lankan freedom fighters… 5,744 more words

Inji Idduppazhagi (Size Zero) – Better luck next time !!

Anushka Shetty to her movies is what Sachin Tendulkar was to Indian Cricket team…the lone savior, the single handed rescuer…the Hercules who lifted weight of entire Atlas on his shoulder – with a smiling face ! 822 more words