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CNN now wants to jury tamper...

Along with several other media outlets, CNN filed a motion with the court  to  obtain all  the Manafort jurors full names and home addresses.   Do they wish to go after the jurors before the trial ends, or do they suspect that the charges won’t stick, and plan to do the Left’s bidding  by destroying the jurors after the trial?      25 more words

Humans of coffee: Reg Barber

Who is Reg Barber?

Reg is an artist who ended up designing and manufacturing coffee tampers.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Walking alone in the snow on our ranch when I was very young. 355 more words

Speciality Coffee

The clear message & then the deviation....

Whatever knowledge I have gained till date is only by the mercy of our Creator, Allah. We know that Torah was sent to Musa (Moses) and Injil (Gospel) was sent to Esa (Jesus), may peace be upon both of them. 1,765 more words

Deen - The Way Of Life

Tamper Coffee at The Breeze BSD City Bumi Serpong Damai Tangerang

December 17th, 2017. I planned to go to Tamper Coffee since it was in the making. Well, when I came to Serpong area, it was definitely a must-visit place. 187 more words

Food And Beverage

Haiku, Maintaining The Way

“Whatever this is – doing was once done by men – with strong backs and arms”


Initiative Punished

a man in China, frustrated by frequent delays in his daily commute has been fined for devising a way to speed up his journey to work – details… 45 more words


Coffee & Coffee Gear Misconceptions: 02 - Expensive Tamper = Better Extraction

One of the myths and misconceptions out there is that you need an expensive tamper to pull good espresso shots. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 577 more words