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Ada 5 Lima Hal yang Perlu Disegerakan


Imam Ibnu Hatim menerangkan bahwa ada 5 (lima) hal yang perlu disegerakan. 208 more words


How to Earn Salvation as an Aggie

In lieu of Breakaway starting tonight I felt it was most appropriate to go over salvation and the salvation points you must earn annually to ensure that you go to heaven when you die. 303 more words

Life Events


If you’ve never been through sorority rush, you might not have a clear mental picture.

But if you are picturing 250 girls in wedges and white jeans with full makeup and hair chanting, clapping and bouncing in sync, you are spot on. 620 more words

A Year?

So. Yep. A year?

Prepare for run on sentences and incomplete thoughts. Well actually that’s not necessary- simply don’t read on.

Today’s my blogging anniversary, also it’s gig em’ week again, also it has been a many months since I last made an appearance here. 512 more words

Class Of 2019


#selfreminder #copasdarimedsoslain #seringseringundangtamukerumah

Diriwayatkan ada seorang lelaki yang senang kedatangan tamu. Namun isterinya menunjukkan sikap sebaliknya. Setiap kali ia membawa tamu kerumah, isterinya menunjukkan sikap yang tidak baik. 202 more words

Islam + Ramadhan

TAMU War Hymn for Women

Recently, Texas A&M University put on an event called Chalk Talk.  It is an event geared toward giving female football fans access to the coaches and information about the upcoming season.   609 more words


Yesterday I had yet another terrible interview.

I’ve never liked meeting people for the first time because I get pretty nervous and my personality is warped into something I don’t recognize. 1,091 more words