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College Break

It has been almost a month since I came back home from college for the break. I never thought I would actually miss cstat and dorm life. 230 more words


Yes this is just another blog made by some college student. I could not sleep and thought “why not make a blog?” Here it is. I am still getting the hang of this site…I am frustrated because I want to change this boring font but cannot seem to find out how. 37 more words


O I can put on here what I did with bag lady from hammerly years ago. That fat slob pig drinking and smoking. Yes in fact the gofer incerted the dong lots of times, that’s right. 92 more words



This year is my last at Texas A&M University as an architecture student. As a senior, there is one very important semester you take where you will design a project with all of the structure and systems solved to the best of our abilities. 668 more words


When Your Husband Bleeds Maroon

My husband Jake is my favorite person on this planet. But he’s also an Aggie.

If, like me, you grew up in the great state of Texas, you know that there are two kinds of Aggies, two-percenters and those who bleed maroon. 552 more words


Adab Bertamu dan Travelling

Travelling atau yang disebut jalan-jalan adalah hal yang paling nge-hits belakangan ini. Sejak tiket pesawat lebih terjangkau dan “everyone can fly”, sejak ada beasiswa yang bisa mewujudkan cita-cita ke luar negeri, sejak ada… 1,004 more words

Mindful Life

Adab Menerima Tamu

Sebagi traveller, perantau, dan di kehidupan sosial pada umumnya,  menerima tamu dan bertamu adalah hal yang lumrah. Apalagi di zaman playdate kayak sekarang, yang mana para ortu sering pilah pilih temen buat anak-anaknya, atau sekedar reunian. 302 more words