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out in the wash

This morning, I found $.62 in the washing machine. Since neither of the guys carry change and my pants weren’t in this load, I can only assume that it came from something I found in my scheming and washed before donating to charity. 6 more words

The Scheme

finally registered

CPI has now registered for his classes. I guess I can use the three pennies I found today to buy another word out of that textbook I was talking about yesterday. 23 more words


wonder what this dime just cost me

While walking with CPI across the Texas A&M campus, I found a dime. Considering the cost of schooling, it seems an awfully expensive way to obtain ten cents. 14 more words



Tomorrow, we are going to CPI’s in-coming student conference. It is a two day affair, but I can only attend one because of peak registration at the college I work for. 47 more words


Here's to a New Year

2016 had been a year. It’s been hell for many, especially the entertainment industry and those belonging to minority group.

But I’m not blogging to talk about that. 412 more words

It's Childish Gambino's World and We Are All Just Living in it

Ever imagined what it must be like to wistfully float through outer space? Aimlessly drifting throughout the stars and solar systems, you would have the view of a god, an unrivaled feeling of superiority. 608 more words

The Eckleburg Project

Texas A&M President Responds To White Nationalist’s Appearance With Counter-Event: ‘This Is Not Who We Are’

White Nationalist Richard Spencer brought his message of exclusion and bigotry to Texas A&M University on Tuesday night and was met with a protest demonstration in the form of a university-sponsored counter-event titled… 585 more words

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