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The Cords of the Power of God

8“And you, mortal, heed what I say to you: Do not be rebellious like that rebellious breed. Open your mouth and eat what I am giving you.” 9As I looked, there was a hand stretched out to me, holding a written scroll. 1,135 more words


Chavakuk Three: God

The final chapter of Habakkuk (how did that happen already?!) describes God as harsh, angry, and wrathful, while at the same time being glorious, strong, and ultimately powerful. 178 more words


Chavakuk Two: Holocaust

This chapter contains a verse that I recognized. “For there shall be another vision for the appointed time; and He shall speak of the end, and it shall not fail; though it tarry, wait for it, for it shall surely come; it shall not delay (Habakkuk 2:3).” The sentiments and words in this verse have been taken and utilized in the song  116 more words


Chavakuk: Relationship with God

The book of Habakkuk opens with the prophet crying out to God. “O Lord! How long will I cry and You will not hear! I cry out to You of violence, and You will not save (Habakkuk 1:2)!” It takes a close relationship with God to be able to call Him out, to rail against Him for disappointing us or not fulfilling our perceived bargains with him. 67 more words


Nachum Three: Consuming

More destruction is foretold, with the narrative shared by means of graphic metaphors. “All your fortresses are like fig trees with first-ripe fruits; if they be shaken, they fall into the mouth of the eater (Nahum 3:12).” I chose this verse because it sounds like something that contains a deeper meaning and lesson than what’s written on the surface. 147 more words


Nachum Two: War

In this prophecy, God has restored Judah’s pride and glory against enemies and wickedness. “And the queen has been exposed and taken away, and her maidens moan, like the voice of doves beating their breasts (Nahum 2:8).” This verse is interesting to me because it takes creatures thought of as peaceful and docile – at least in biblical times – and puts them in the middle of a war narrative. 93 more words


Michah Seven: Summary

It’s been a week, and we are already at the end of another book. The final chapter of the book of Micah contains many verses that I could reflect on, but I want to focus specifically on the last verse of the book. 119 more words