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Bamidbar Twenty-Three: Blessings from Balaam

Balak and Balaam are on top of the mountain, and Balaam instructs Balak to build seven altars for him, and prepare seven bulls and seven rams. 367 more words


Bamidbar Twenty-Two: Balaam and the Talking Donkey

The Israelites are developing a reputation in the region. After the defeats of Sihon and Og, other kings are intimidated by them, to say the least. 855 more words


Bamidbar Twenty-One: Sihon and Og

The Israelites have been refused passage through the Edomite lands, so they’re taking an alternative route. This route takes them in the direction of Canaanite lands, specifically those of the king of Arad. 387 more words


Bamidbar Nineteen: Red Heifer

“This is the statute of the Torah which the Lord commanded, saying, Speak to the children of Israel and have them take for you a perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke has been laid (Numbers 19:2).” This is the commandment of the red heifer, one of the commandments that we are not able to fulfill today. 226 more words


"Shteiging" with Rashi

Found an awesome Rashi while reading I Kings 6:8:

“פֶּתַח הַצֵּלָע הַתִּיכֹנָה אֶל-כֶּתֶף הַבַּיִת הַיְמָנִית; וּבְלוּלִּים יַעֲלוּ עַל-הַתִּיכֹנָה, וּמִן-הַתִּיכֹנָה אֶל-הַשְּׁלִשִׁים”

Never mind the English translation right now, ‘cuz I’m working from the Hebrew.

689 more words

Bamidbar Eighteen: Kohanim and Levites

This chapter lays out the relationship between the kohanim and the Levites. God says to Aaron, “Also your brethren, the tribe of Levi, your father’s tribe, draw close to you, and they shall join you and minister to you, and you and your sons with you, before the Tent of Testimony (Numbers 18:2).” This emphasizes the familial bond between the two subsets of priests. 397 more words


Bamidbar Seventeen: Choosing Aaron

Eleazar, Aaron’s son, is given the task of of taking the fire pans of Korah and his followers and making them into plates to become an overlay for the altar so that they will serve as a reminder to the people of this experience. 353 more words