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NEVER...NOT ONCE...been ANY salvation from sin...there can be no salvation from Hell.

Christians attacking Christians. “Isn’t that special!” As The Church Lady would say.

I’m asking anyone that has came out of Christianity and began following the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to leave a comment below. 1,359 more words

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Who Wants to be a Berean?

Most Christian churches teach the shallowest of lessons on the Bereans. They simply state how great it is that they verified what was being taught to them with what was written in the Bible, and that we should do the same. 532 more words


Proverbs Update

If you are just “tuning-in” to this blog, I have been challenged to read the entire Book of Proverbs and share my thoughts, ideas, and opinions on each chapter. 220 more words


Righteousness – Straight from Tanakh

By William Jackson


I was sitting in the Doctor’s office and the results were in.  The Doctor says, “Mr. Jackson, if you don’t have this surgery immediately you will become a… 1,112 more words

The Glorious Testator

God’s special people, the Jews, were chosen and blessed by the Creator, The great I am, when He  looked upon Abram.   (whose name was letter changed to Abraham,) to leave his country to a new place where God would choose and  there God  decreed that he would make Abraham’s name great. 2,202 more words

Walking With Jesus Christ

Shmuel II Nineteen: Mourning Absalom

Upon hearing the news of Absalom’s death, David is devastated. “And the king trembled, and he went up to the upper chamber of the gate, and wept; and thus he said, as he went, ‘O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! 256 more words


Is christanity Idolatry

Is christanity Idolatry

by Gutman Locks

Monotheism and Idolatry

by Tovia Singer

Why does Judaism regard your professed beliefs as hostile to the God of Israel?
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