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The Sign of the Prophet

To listen to a prophet who speaks in God’s Name.

1) Any prophet who arises and says that God sent him does not have to perform a sign of the type that Moses, Elijah or Elishah did, which involved supernatural events. 755 more words

Yirmiyahu Nineteen: Broken

Most of the time, when someone makes a mistake, their immediate reaction is to try to fix it. We want to quickly apologize, make everything better, and move on. 185 more words


Yirmiyahu Eighteen: Bad Prophet

After all of this doom and gloom over the previous chapters, I’m not particularly surprised that the people decide to rebel against the messenger. It’s easy to blame the one bringing news of things that we don’t want to hear, regardless of how true they may be, and the frustration of the people starts to boil over. 157 more words


Foundations: The Special Torah Portions for Holidays

Shalom everyone! The following is a list of the Special Torah portions for holidays, including Festivals, Fast Days and Special Sabbaths, read during an annual cycle on the Hebrew calendar, along with their corresponding… 355 more words


Foundations: The Weekly Torah Portion - Parashat ha-Shavua (פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַ)

Shalom everyone! The Weekly Torah Portion or “Parashat ha-Shavua,” “parashah,” or “parsha,” is a section of the Torah that is read publicly and aloud each week in during… 998 more words


Foundations: The Tanakh - The Hebrew Bible

The Tanakh is the canonical collection of 24 Jewish texts that form the Hebrew Bible. The word “Tanakh” is really an acronym of the first… 472 more words


Isaiah 53 and Keith Ellis McCarty, Verse by Verse

The witnesses of the righteous servant

1“Who can believe what we have heard?
Upon whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

the arm of the Lord: His power of redemption of the Jewish people. 1,914 more words