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Tandem Nursing

Kali ini saya mau cerita 2 minggu hari saya ber-tandem nursing. Jarak antara Kana dengan si Aya adalah 15 bulan. Pas Aya lahir, semuanya ( 403 more words


How to approach Public Shaming like a Ninja

So I just experienced my first public shaming for breastfeeding in public. It’s only taken 2yrs 7mo and to be honest I was waiting for it to happen but wasn’t really expecting it to, not today anyway, tucked away as I was in a discreet little corner of a furniture store. 586 more words

Nursing Twins- Part 3: Nursing Two Solo 

Nursing twins for me by myself was a daunting thought.

I tandem nurse them because I didn’t want to deal with bottles and nursing. I’m an either/or kinda gal. 539 more words


Nursing Twins- Part 2: Surviving the Early Days

As I sit here writing about the early days of nursing my two, it does seem rather blurred. I won’t lie – the first few weeks flew by for me in a haze of long days and nights but here I am, 7 months into this journey, so I feel like something went right. 1,236 more words


First Birthdays

Being a mama of three little children is amazing. Sure, spacing them out further probably has its benefits too, but all I know is having them close in age and honestly, I wouldn’t change it for anything. 341 more words

Weaning Frances

After nearly three years—1,074 days, to be exact—my middle gal is no longer nursing. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. There were times I wondered if she’d be going into kindergarten in two years still nursing and wearing diapers. 873 more words


Misadventures in Tandem Nursing

It seemed like a good idea, not weaning during pregnancy, but any thought that tandem nursing might bring serene acceptance of a new sibling are being challenged quite forcefully by a very disrupted DD. 296 more words

Tandem Nursing