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Mothering Through Mommy Milk

Milk, milkies, boobie, booba, or in our house, Mommy Milk. I love breastfeeding. I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding. I have been breastfeeding for the last 3 years and 10 months, continuously, and for the last 7 months, tandem feeding. 668 more words


Baby and Toddler Tandem Nursing: An Unexpected turn in our Breastfeeding Journey [Postpartum Series]

A few months ago, my Penelope, my two and a half year old daughter, started nursing again. She stopped breastfeeding on her own shortly before her bother was born, but recently, what started as little curious requests for suckles and kisses, turned into her sitting on my lap, in cradle position, breastfeeding again. 658 more words


5 Times When TV Normalised Breastfeeding

When it comes to breastfeeding and TV, the two don’t really seem to go together. And when they do, it’s usually portraying either disgust, or sexualisation. 295 more words


So twins...

God has decided to make our lives way more interesting. As if it wasn’t interesting enough already.

I knew I was expecting since the end of March, but it wasn’t until my 18 week ultrasound a few weeks ago that we discovered to our great surprise that we are now expecting twin boys! 398 more words


Nursing during pregnancy and tandem nursing: a personal experience

Hi everyone!

So, this past Tuesday I had my 6-week check up with the midwife, after giving birth to Vera Jo. I am now released from their care so I have graduated to the next level of being a mother of two. 3,101 more words

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Oleh: Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia

Nursing While Pregnant dan Tandem Nursing adalah hal yang sangat mungkin dilakukan bahkan dianjurkan karena berbagai sebab:

* Untuk menjamin kebutuhan ASI bagi si kakak dan si adik… 962 more words


Welcoming Lorelei! 

Tuesday morning began with fast paced excitement! I was 40+3 and anxious to welcome our rainbow baby into our arms!! Around 8am I woke up as I do every morning, having to pee… This time was different, however, when I saw blood on the tissue I knew our little one would be trying to make an appearance sometime soon. 864 more words