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The Rainbow

What a year.

Last year I lost what would have been my second child. And now, I hold my third child in my arms at just a week old. 199 more words

Mental Health

Large Families

When I was pregnant with my fifth child, I borrowed a book from the library about managing large families. I was very disappointed to discover that the book was talking about coping with two children. 1,837 more words


Tandem Nursing

Tandem Nursing means nursing two babies at once. This can be twins or it can be siblings born at different times i.e. an toddler and an newborn. 632 more words

Support: Give It, Take It

I spent hours and hours reading about techniques and methods and prevention. I went to a couple of classes to learn from experts in the field. 1,250 more words

Tandem Nursing

Kali ini saya mau cerita 2 minggu hari saya ber-tandem nursing. Jarak antara Kana dengan si Aya adalah 15 bulan. Pas Aya lahir, semuanya ( 446 more words


How to approach Public Shaming like a Ninja

So I just experienced my first public shaming for breastfeeding in public. It’s only taken 2yrs 7mo and to be honest I was waiting for it to happen but wasn’t really expecting it to, not today anyway, tucked away as I was in a discreet little corner of a furniture store. 586 more words

Nursing Twins- Part 3: Nursing Two Solo 

Nursing twins for me by myself was a daunting thought.

I tandem nurse them because I didn’t want to deal with bottles and nursing. I’m an either/or kinda gal. 539 more words