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Two funny stories

One: About a year ago, I was courted to be a mommy blogger. For real! Like, for money. Lololololol. And I wrote some things, emails stopped, payment never came, etc. 1,115 more words

Sharing Breast Milk

Let’s end the week sharing – our priceless breast milk.

In 2012, we were given a chance to appear on local television shows – Reel Time and Tonight with Arnold Clavio. 207 more words

Raising Kids

Breastfeeding Twins a.k.a The Great Boob Post - Part 1 0-3months

I think the pinnacle of my breastfeeding career so far has been tandem nursing on the grass next to the Walmart parking lot with only a diaper bag and a blanket for props. 1,583 more words


Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem

If I am honest becoming a parent was a bit of a shock. You are catapulted into reality, previously having held such opinions as “all he needs are some boundaries” and “when I am a mother I will never do A or I will always do B”. 827 more words

Daily Life

Selamat Akmal, Ibu bangga padamu!

Sejak temenku Astri posting cerita di blognya tentang proses penyapihan Aleisha anaknya, aku seperti diingatkan bahwa aku pun harus sudah mulai menyapih Akmal. Hihihi, sebelumnya, aku masih males-malesan mau nyapih Akmal, antara gak tega sama sedih kehilangan momen menyusui. 1,034 more words



They do come true.

Maybe not exactly how you thought they would.

And maybe not in the order you thought they’d occur.

But if I have learned anything, it is this: 216 more words


Jonathan lulus S-1 ASIX

Uda lama si mau posting di blog ini. Terbengkalai karena sibuk urusin anak2. Sekarang jonathan uda 8 bulan si jd postingannya rada telat.
Memang untuk 6 bulan aku full asi. 676 more words