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Florida heat, no A/C, & having two children.

Florida heat is no joke! Our A/C has not been working the past two days and I have been melting… Literally. Two children who want to nurse and it being 85 degrees in my house is anything but a great time. 195 more words

March comes in like a lion {The Birth of Eloise Grace}

Where do I even begin? I wrote up some of this story while in the hospital watching The Golden Girls and reveling in the WTF just happened? 620 more words

32 & 33 Weeks Pregnant

I really meant to write an update for 31 weeks, but the weekend just slipped past me. However, these last two weeks blend nicely together as far as pregnancy symptoms go. 679 more words


Tandem Nursing and (Half) Weaning With(out) Love

Nada 13 bulan, saat itu Bunda baru tau kalo lagi hamil Rayhan (sekitar 5 minggu). Jangankan nyapih, minum susu selain ASI aja Nada belum bisa. Alhamdulillah, obgyn (dokter kandungan) Bunda saat itu ngebolehin untuk tetep nyusuin Nada asal ga ada kontraksi, tapi tetep dipesenin supaya Nada disapih pelan-pelan. 822 more words


Tandem Nursing: Amazing or Craziness?

Warning: This post contains words like breast, breastfeeding, boob, nipple, and nursing. If this terminology makes you uncomfortable, you probably want to stop reading now. 1,136 more words


Menyusui Tandem Kakak dan Adik Bayi

Tandem Nursing/Menyusui Tandem

Menyusui tandem adalah kondisi dimana ibu menyusui dua bayi kakak-beradik dengan umur yang berbeda. Ibu tetap bisa menyusui dua atau bahkan tiga bayi sekaligus. 548 more words


Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding Siblings

I made a new discovery! YaaaY!!! Eureka moment. I had to share this with you because it’s just too exciting to keep it to myself. I think composure is overrated. 430 more words