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Tandem nursing: A great success! Although I may never get off the couch or leave the house again.

Following Rowan’s birth, I was separated—with the exception of a few small visits, during which she did not really ask to nurse—from my middle child for four days and three nights. 678 more words


from one to two: four tips on easing the transition

as eloise’s first month with us as a newborn comes to a close (on wednesday, good grief!) and we embark on her second month as a full-fledged infant, i’ve been reflecting on this transition for our family. 961 more words

A Farewell to Nursies

The time has come, and I am no longer a nursing mother. Just like that.

My breasts have been in full production mode for more than three years, and though I had never nursed a child for my previous 36 years of life, this had become such a deep part of my identity that I almost feel like I’ve lost a bit of myself. 470 more words


Lies, Myths, and Dumb Comments Regarding Breastfeeding

The dumb shit I’ve heard about breastfeeding… oh, I could fill a book. It is always surprising to me to read and hear the massive amount of misinformation circulating about something that has been around since the beginning of time. 1,771 more words


Florida heat, no A/C, & having two children.

Florida heat is no joke! Our A/C has not been working the past two days and I have been melting… Literally. Two children who want to nurse and it being 85 degrees in my house is anything but a great time. 195 more words

March comes in like a lion {The Birth of Eloise Grace}

Where do I even begin? I wrote up some of this story while in the hospital watching The Golden Girls and reveling in the WTF just happened? 620 more words

32 & 33 Weeks Pregnant

I really meant to write an update for 31 weeks, but the weekend just slipped past me. However, these last two weeks blend nicely together as far as pregnancy symptoms go. 681 more words