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PBP training in the Maryland hills

After spending last weekend mostly loafing around, Mary and I signed up for a 200 kilometer permanent ride on Saturday – and it was a good move. 703 more words


Cycling Again!

No Haiku today as I have now finished posting all 10 of my Holiday Haiku (the 10th, about falling off my bike was posted first!). This has actually worked out quite well as I shall be away for the weekend so I can start afresh on my return. 246 more words


chasing unicorns

After trying and failing to secure a position in Manila to align with S’s directed assignment to the Philippines, D moved on to Plan B – searching for a Washington-based job that he could perform remotely, known as a DETO in Foreign Service parlance. 918 more words


Credit cards: How to use them to make you money

If you haven’t already worked out from my previous post regarding cashback (add link), I am a massive fan of doing all of my day to day spending on credit cards. 1,465 more words


Tandem and Telescope: A Father's Day Lament

The tandem is gone. I finally sold it, at a garage sale, for a tenth of what it originally cost.

The telescope, too. Sold on Letgo, for a third of a tenth of what it originally cost. 704 more words


On a Bicycle Made For Two

When navigating the world is a constant battle of bumping into things, the freedom of a bicycle is incredible.

Although I was born visually impaired I did learn how to ride a bike as a child. 1,084 more words


Day 2 Crested Butte to Gunnison

65.8 miles, 2694 feet of climbing. 4:55 hours moving time.

The morning was a logistical nightmare as far as me getting stuff packed and organized. I don’t do well with messes and while I did not have a meltdown at 0530 in the fucking morning (and 33 degrees out) – I was damn frustrated.

The bike ride helped, though!

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