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My 2012 Election Predictions

There is probably not a good way to say this beyond the absolute, blunt truth: Putin is bored.  He hates being PM, and I am not sure that anyone could, or should, blame him for it.  438 more words

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Tandem 2012?

I found two articles this past week on the Tandem, and its continued viability.  The first was by Andrei Kolesnikov of Novaya Gazeta, published by Open Democracy.  612 more words

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Oh Stanislav Belkovsky...

you seriously read way too much into things.  Not that I’m criticising.  I tend to do the same thing.  I am just not sure that I… 122 more words

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Foreign Policy has a nice slide show of pictures comparing how Putin and Medvedev (or Vova & Dima) “spent their summer vacation”.  It’s amusing, and the conclusion is an interesting one: 18 more words

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Khloponin Interview

I have tried to embed an interview with Alexander Khloponin from RT, but for some reason it will not work.  Anyway, the text of the interview   87 more words


Dmitry Trenin

on the Tandemocracy:

Westerners often see Russian politics in terms of a high-level struggle between liberals and conservatives: Ligachev and Yakovlev under Gorbachev; reformers and nationalists under Yeltsin; siloviki and economic liberals under Putin.

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