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 In the yesterdays, when there was no microwave or any electrical oven to cook food, people used to cook their food over fire and this is how, they manage their survival on the planet. 373 more words

Tandoor And Clay Ovens

A magic of eco-friendly clay oven!

Clay ovens are one of the finest and best inventions made by ancient people. It was almost 6000 years ago that they had invented this unique cooking oven. 355 more words

Tandoor And Clay Ovens

All Roads Lead to Good Food

Have you ever heard of a little place called Kyrgyzstan?  While it is not as well known as its neighbor and home of Borat, Kazakhstan, or nuclear armed Pakistan, it a very interesting corner of the world with a lot of history.   1,248 more words


Homemade Tandoor Oven

Homemade Tandoor Oven

While poking around some sites looking for some tandoor chicken recipes, I happened upon a video where a guy built his own tandoor oven using clay flower pots. 362 more words

Mish Mash

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Are you fond of tandoori items? No ceasing and no waiting for your favorite tandoori dishes, when this modified and well equipped kitchen equipment is available to make your kitchen like professional’s kitchen with all similar taste you get in restaurants. 325 more words

Tandoor And Clay Ovens

Gas tandoor – use it to prepare healthy and delicious foods

Before the advancement of cooking appliances like microwave, electric stove and gas stove, people cooked their foods over fire to survive. In today’s world, we have no time to use the appliance like as our forefathers to cook foods. 269 more words

Tandoor And Clay Ovens

Kabab-e-Maza with Frontier, The Ashok, Delhi

The ambiance inside the restaurant shouts out loud and tell you to walk-in and have a closer look. And I am sure, the moment you step in, you will not look back or turn around to leave the place without tasting the delicious food to compliment the ambiance. 846 more words