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Summer Tandoor / grill Marinade Recipe

Tandoor / grill Marinade Recipe 

Ingredients: for 1 kg chicken .

1/2 x Butter (50gm) (  Amul Garlic Butter  )

100 gm Garlic

100 gm Ginger… 105 more words


Tandoori Mushroom

This delicious starter is a healthy and protein rich recipe which can be served in couple of minutes.




Namaskar is an Indian/Nepali restaurant based in Ulsan, where there are several locations. We are lucky to have a branch here in Idong, the only Namaskar outside of Ulsan! 170 more words

Dae I-dong / City Hall

Kumushkhan, April 20th 2017

We sleep well on our bedding rolls – it’s warm enough even at night to have the window open and we are snug beneath our quilts.  787 more words

New Haven Eats

I wish Yale’s dining plan was set up more like Northeastern University’s.  The huskies are able to use their meal cards at local restaurants while we poor bulldogs are helplessly in thrall to a strict dining hall system. 553 more words

अमृतसरी कुलछेवाला.

अजीत सगळे आवरून आई झोपलेल्या खोलीत येऊन खाली जमिनीवर पडला. रात्रीचे १२.३० झालेले होते. परमजीत अजून आला नव्हता. फोनही स्वीच ऑफ येत होता त्याचा. आईने दिवा बंद करायच्या तयारीत असलेल्या अजीतला विचारले.

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