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Tandoor- Heart of north Indian cuisine

Tandoor is used for the traditional method of cooking assorted breads and other items mainly chicken with use of charcoal burning at the bottom of a hollow cylindrical structure made up from clay. 321 more words


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We are one of the main brands included introducing an ideal arrangement of Commercial Tandoor. We are known because our ovens are made using best of the imagination with the assistance of most recent procedures. 331 more words

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Tandoor And Clay Ovens

Tandir Bread

My favorite type of bread, which I grew up eating almost every day, is called Tandir or Tandoor. The name comes from Tandir, a clay oven where this flat bread is traditionally baked. 357 more words


United Kitchens of India - Where flavours bring India together!

Happy Independence Day folks!

What better way to celebrate this day than with a post about the great food of our amazing country! India is truly a wonderland of myriad flavours and we count ourselves lucky to have access to the fantastic food of this nation! 459 more words


Day 2 – Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

Today’s assignment requires me to edit my Title and Tagline. Saw the mail today morning on my way to work. Till now I didn’t even know about Title and Tagline, funny isn’t it? 127 more words


Traditional Oven Vs Modern Tandoor

Think of Tandoori food, the very first thing that floats in our mind is the tempting test of piping hot Kebabs, smoky Tikkas and delicious Naans that not only test good but also smell good. 372 more words

Tandoor And Clay Ovens