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Afghani Style Food

I love Afghani food and we are very fortunate to have many good options for Afghani restaurants in Toronto and the GTA. The closest thing I can compare Afghani food to is a mix between Indian food and Middle Eastern food. 297 more words


Review: Amber India.

Even though Amber India isn’t a new restaurant by any means, this place is poppin’ due to its location in San Francisco and tasty straightforward Indian cuisine. 289 more words


Kalmi kebab

Kalmi kebab is a delicious tandoori dish. Chicken drumsticks is marinated in spiced yogurt mixture and cooked in tandoor. Since I don’t own a tandoor, I made it in the oven.   246 more words

Appetizers & Sides

Angry Chicken

Just because it’s red and charred, it looks angry. But truth be told, tandoori chicken is actually a happy dish. It’s just the spices that give it that vibrant, angry red colour. 130 more words


Tandoori Chicken

We really love Indian food, so we wanted to find a way to make tandoori-style chicken over a fire (at least until we break down and buy a tandoor oven). 218 more words


How to cook leftover tandoori chicken

Living in Penang as a food paradise heaven, I found hard to avoid eating outside. Especially having gathering with friends, this type of function is hard to turn down. 383 more words