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Tandoori Chicken; restaurant style!

My recipe for Tandoori Chicken took me a few tries to really perfect it, but I can now say it is truly PERFECTION. According to my husband, my Tandoori Chicken is better than any he’s had at a restaurant- and that is huge, considering he’s extremely judgy when it comes to 2 things: meat dishes & desserts. 433 more words


5 dishes you must try at Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai

Mumbai: It’s time to indulge in something delicious and yummy. From rich chicken roast to lovely desserts experience exclusively wonderful and delicious cuisine at Jyran, Sofitel, BKC. 414 more words


Tandoori Chicken

I am a big fan of Tandoori chicken. It’s definitely one of my all time favorites! It’s right up next to butter chicken. That’s spoken like a true Punjabi! 584 more words


Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant

Probably the best Tandoori Chicken in Melaka. Most likely you have read about this restaurant numerous times when you are googling for the good/top/best food to try in Melaka. 223 more words


Spice Affair - Donald Street

Spice Affair is a new Indian restaurant opened in Donald in the space that was filled for several years by Dhoom Indian restaurant. Dhoom was one of my earlier reviews, but I had heard that it had gone down in quality in subsequent years, and a change in ownership hadn’t reversed that. 503 more words

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