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Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika #105 (1958)

The region of British East Africa has quite a complicated postal history with stamps of the area receiving numerous identifying inscriptions since their first release in May 1890, bearing the name of a company —   7,918 more words

Stamp Issuers

Why the name Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is one of the main archipelago of Tanzania, and actually the name Tanzania comes from combining the names Tanganyika and Zanzibar. It is situated on the… 707 more words

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Jambo Tanzania!

Jambo means “hello” in Swahili and I hear it all day long in Tanzania because Tanzania is such a friendly place. 370 more words

Mouthbrooders - A Brief Overview

Certain species of tropical fish carry fertilised eggs in their mouths and continue to hold the babies there for a while after they hatch.This can be found in both paternal and maternal members of the species. 417 more words



Pop culture hits again, this time with head-desking which is exactly what you think it is.  Someone faced with a situation that is frustrating and seemingly unsolvable can literally and figuratively lead to… 884 more words

Idioms From The 21st Century


Bagamoyo mosque. Photo courtesy: Adam Jones PhD — Wikimedia Commons

Not far north of Dar es Salaam rested sleepy Bagamoyo, once the capital when the Germans invaded Tanganyika. 73 more words

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