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Trying to Keep Up

I haven’t lost complete track of Richard Armitage but darn near. As some of you know, I started a business, and it’s taken almost everything out of me. 535 more words

Richard Armitage

Drinking Alcohol Days Are Over... 

I’ve realized that I can not drink liquor. Ok, I do not want to drink liquor. Two shots of Cinnamon FireBall and 3 or maybe 4… Or maybe 5 drinks of captain and Coke later …. 63 more words


Them's the Rules, Baby Cakes

Reblogged from graffiti living.

You may remember James from when he gave us advice about how to view our blogs. I did take that advice and have never regretted it. 177 more words

Richard Armitage

Have Selfie Stick and Know How to Use It

A word or two about the selfie stick since it seems to have created a bit of a ripple in RA universe the last few weeks. 319 more words

Richard Armitage

One of the Perks of Getting Older

Maybe I’m not speaking for everyone, but I think I’m speaking for a significant number of people over the age of 35 — you don’t give a shit about the behavior of people who disrupt award shows with their juvenile behavior, or who wins a Grammy, or who wins an Oscar for that matter. 244 more words


The Changing Taylor Swift Effect

Yep, I’m going to talk about Taylor Swift again. I like her. More about that here if you’re so inclined to find out why.

For years now, this thing called the… 110 more words

Richard Armitage

Yes, I've Been Somewhat Silent

My lack of commentary isn’t because I don’t have any or don’t care although some things in RA Universe I don’t care about. But rather it’s because I’ve been sick. 448 more words

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