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Examples of the Faith

Voice of the Martyrs is a ministry with a newsletter that sheds light on the state of the church around the world, revealing the suffering that followers of Christianity experience because of their faith in Jesus Christ. 1,165 more words

Building the Kingdom and Building the Church are both good things. But they're not the same thing!

This is the galaxy we live in. The beautiful detailed spiral of the Milky Way.

Here we have taken a step back to picture the estimated 100,000,000,000 galaxies of the universe; 100,000,000,000 milky ways and mega milky ways scattered across the fabric of space. 2,015 more words

Journeys In Ministry

Chili and Buns

I attended my friend Bev’s ordination service yesterday. Everywhere were symbols of life, service, sacrament, and ministry. There was music from all sorts of traditions, a drumming circle, children waving ribbons, prayers, candles, stones, and (of course) the sharing of The Table. 780 more words